Vintage Frame Project (aka Plan B)

I woke up pretty darn proud of myself today.  All I had to do was put the final coat of wax

on my project and then “Wow” you with the finished masterpiece.

I even had a catchy title for the post called “When Procrastination Pays Off”.

I even took a picture of the pieces beforehand.

I was confidentially prepared for the win.  (you know, my awesome blog post)

Vintage Frame Project Supplies

Some may call me a procrastinator….

I like to wait until inspiration strikes.

Here’s the way I think…

The other evening, I received some awesome paint from the good people at Plaid.

I had this old frame that I picked at a garage sale last May for a quarter, an old needlepoint

tapestry that I made (um-hum) 25 years or so ago, old sheet music and a coupon for Jo-Ann’s

for framing.  All of a sudden I needed to use that frame.

The original plan was to have Jo-Ann Fabrics frame the tapestry and then see if I could purchase

glass and a mat for the frame.

(Side note:  Just because you have a framing coupon doesn’t mean your Jo-Ann’s have a frame shop)

So…the next stop, the hardware store for a $5 piece of glass.

How hard could it be?  I don’t need professional framing.  I can do it myself.

I guess I should of seen the sweat off the old man’s brow as a sign

that I was in for more than I could chew.

Last night I sanded, painted and distressed.  The frame looked lovely.

Today a coat of clear wax, wait an hour, then buff.

Armed with chipboard, tape, flat head screwdriver, old tapestry and good intentions

I went on to finish my masterpiece.  Only one problem… it didn’t fit.

The needlepoint tapestry was too fat for the frame.  (I didn’t see that one coming.)

So… on to “Plan B”.

Framed Clover Blossoms

I decided to stick the Vintage Sheet Music in the frame instead.  (maybe it’s really Plan A?)close up of distressed frame

Seriously, I love this chalk paint from Plaid.  (Did you happen to notice the date on the sheet music?)


I guess I’ll leave this wonky shaped tapestry for the professionals.  (Michael’s here I come.)

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