Tie-Dying With Nick

Tie Dying with Nick

CUTE KID ALERT:  I love working on crafts with Nicholas and his Mommy.

Last Sunday, we decided to Tie Dye t-shirts.

It all started because of a Tulip One-Step Mini Tie-Dye Kit-Neon* (affiliate link) I received

free last February after a CHA Fave Crafts Designer Event from Tulip and I Love to Create.

I had been meaning to use it, but, hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

Using the squeeze bottles made it so much easier and less messy than the old way of tie-dying.

We had so much fun with this project that Bonnie (Nick’s Mommy) went out and bought a

larger kit the next day.  This past Sunday, when everyone came over for Father’s Day,

we tie-dyed Red White and Blue t-shirts and socks with the kids.

Just saying “a little addicting”.

Choosing the design

The kit came with a large full color sheet of designs, techniques and instructions.

For the boys shirts we did the “swirl” technique.

Nicholas and Warren Fronts and Backs

For Bonnie’s shirts we did the “crumple” and “ombre” techniques.  (no pictures, darn)

Nicholas and Warren 2

It doesn’t get much cuter than this!

I used this picture in a frame for their Daddy’s Father’s Day gift.

Many Faces of Nick Collage

This post would not be complete without including the “Many Faces of Nick“.

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