Stamping in White Embossing Powder


Good Old Embossing Powder…                             

When I was introduced to stamping in 1996, do you know what hooked me?

It was the Gold Embossing Powder.

The first time I watched them melt that gold embossing powder.  WOW!

At the time, I had a gift store and was looking for something new.

I can’t tell you how many people I hooked with that gold embossing powder.

Here’s a little throwback to where I started.

Back to embossing powder.  (this time with a twist)

For this project, I started with a oval that was cut from chipboard.

I rubbed Colorbox White Embossing Pad*  onto the surface of the oval.

Next, I poured White Embossing Powder* over the entire oval.

After pouring the excess powder off, heat the oval with a

Multi-Purpose Embossing Heat Tool*.

Make sure all the embossing powder is melted.

Repeat that step 3 or 4 times, building up a thick layer of embossing powder.

After it was thick enough, I added a little red ink to the edge of the oval and

inked up the “Windmill” stamp.

I heated up the oval again, making sure the powder was really hot and melted.

I pressed the inked stamp into the hot, melted powder.  Success!

I love the way it looks like red toile.  (which is something I collect)

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