Pour Painting Techniques

Have you ever wanted to try pour painting?

There are several different kinds of techniques:

The Dutch Pour, The Dirty Pour and The Swipe Technique to name a few.

Trying Pour Painting has been on my to-do list for over a year.

I’m not sure if I was intimidated or wasn’t sure if it’d be too much of a mess.

When I heard about my sister and her friend planning a time to play,

I casually mentioned my interest. Lucky for me, I got an invitation to join.

We tried all three different Pour Painting Techniques.  It was so much fun.

Just for you…I made a short video of each technique later in this post.

Before we started the process, we prepped the canvases with a coat of Gesso*.

We mixed acrylic paint with a pouring medium called Floetrol*.

It thins down the paint to help the paint flow easier.

(There are several different pour mediums available.)

*Disclosure:  This blog uses affiliate links.  If you choose to make a purchase using one of the links, I receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you) that helps offset the costs of maintaining this blog.  Thanks for your support!

For each technique, we added the thinned down white paint to our canvas.

Make sure to spread it all over up to the edges.

The first one we tried was the Dutch Pour…

that uses a hairdryer and a straw to blow the paint around on the canvas.

Here I am dribbling  paint onto the canvas.

Using a hairdryer, blow the paint around the canvas.

For added detail, use a straw to spread the paint in a small area.

After I finished blowing the paint around, we used a small portable torch lighter over

the canvas to pop air bubbles.

Below is a video of the Dutch Pour on a different canvas. ↓

I planned on taking pictures of the process, but as we were getting ready to pour,

I decided at the last minute to videotape the process.

Being a little more than unprepared (and a little bit excited) the videos are not as good as

I would have liked them to be.  Next time, I will be more prepared with a tripod.

The Dutch Pour

This process involves blowing the paint around the canvas using a hairdryer and straw.

The Dirty Pour

The Dirty Pour is where to pour several different colors of paint into the same cup and

then pour it onto the canvas. (Of course, we used paint medium with the paint.)

The Swipe Technique

Being my first try at the Swipe Technique, usually, you’d only need to swipe once.

Giving the forgiving nature of the technique, I added more paint on the top and swiped again.

Deciding it needed a little red, I repeated the swipe a third time. (not shown in the video)

The most important thing I learned (that I didn’t do) is to keep your canvas level.

After our canvases were dried, Jeanie, my sister’s friend, gave them all a coat of polyurethane.

The canvas shown above is my Dutch Pour Canvas. 

Not only did I have a frame from another painting that was the right size

but also the perfect color.  Currently, I proudly have the painting on my mantel.

I want to give a shout out and a big THANKS to my new friend Jeanie for letting me play.

She is a lovely and talented artist.

You can find her and her work on Instagram under ArtUnearthed.

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2 thoughts on “Pour Painting Techniques

  1. Mary Melaga says:

    That looked like so much fun!! Might invite a couple of friends to try it after I get the supplies. Thanks for sharing!!!

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