Prissy Pink Princess Wreath

Prissy Pink Princess Ribbon Wreath

How to make a Prissy Pink Princess Ribbon Wreath.

I decided to stray from my typical “clean and simple” style to go super feminine

with this Prissy Pink Princess Ribbon Wreath.

The wreath could also double as a princess crown.  (If you’re into that kind of thing.)

Ribbon Wreath 327

Usually, when I start a project, I have an idea of how I want it to turn out.

This project, however, turned out completely different than my original plan.

I started with a basket of pink, white and red ribbons in various widths and styles.

I wanted to make a simple ribbon wreath and tie cut strips of ribbon to a wreath form.

I wasn’t happy with it, so I scratched that idea. (it’s a good idea to be flexible)

Prissy Pink Princess Ribbon Wreath

Here’s what I did instead:

  • Being resourceful, I used a 5 ½” lid from an extra-large Nesquik can for the base.
  • Using the inside ridge as my guide, I cut away the inside.

Prissy Pink Princess Ribbon Wreath

  • Because when I started this project, I was going to do something different, I spray painted the rim of the lid white.
  • It’s still probably a good idea to do, depending on what kind of wreath you intend on making. (Unless you like the color blue.)

Prissy Pink Princess Ribbon Wreath

  • Wrap and cover the rim of the lid with a 7/8″ White Grosgrain Ribbon*. To give the ribbon wreath a little more softness and size, I added a little bit of poly-fil under the ribbon while wrapping. Use a Hot Glue Gun* to glue the ribbon to keep the ribbon from moving. It took approximately two yards of ribbon to go around the edge of the lid.
  • Wrap additional pink sheer ribbon around the white grosgrain ribbon.

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Prissy Pink Princess Ribbon Wreath

Make ribbon rosettes flowers to go around the wreath in different sizes.

Prissy Pink Princess Ribbon Wreath

  • Gather the ends of the thread together and tie in a knot. Trim the ends. I use a heavy-duty sewing thread for the rosettes. It doesn’t break when I tighten them.
  • Hot glue a fancy rhinestone button in the center of the rosette.
  • Glue flower onto the wreath.
  • To make smaller rosette flowers, use 6″ strips of 3/8″ satin or grosgrain ribbon. Create a “running stitch” like used in the larger rosette and tighten.
  • Glue a small pearl bead in the center of the rosettes.
  • Glue smaller rosettes around the larger rosette.
  • Create small leaves by folding and scrunching green ribbon. Glue under the rosette flowers.
  • Create strings of pretty beads anchored with additional flower rosettes to hang in the middle of the wreath.
  • Cut a larger piece of ribbon for hanging the Prissy Pink Princess Ribbon Wreath.
  • Create a ribbon bow for the top of the wreath. Glue a fancy rhinestone button onto the bow and glue it into place.

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