Pictures from Sue’s Holiday Workshop


2014 Holiday Workshop Group Pic #18

As promised here are the pictures from this years Holidays Workshop.

I must say that I liked all three of the group’s pictures.  (not one eye closed)

2014 Holiday Workshop Group Collage

Thank you, to all the wonderful ladies that came this year to my Holiday Workshop,

I had so much fun.  O.K., I have fun every year.

But…I think this year’s group which included 9 new people was even more fun and enthusiastic

than ever.  I loved spending my Saturday creating with you all.

I was on such an adrenaline high after it was all over that I didn’t fall asleep until well after midnight.

For those of you that couldn’t come this year, we missed you, I hope to see you next year.

2014 Holiday Workshop Deflecto SignHoliday Workshop plates and sign

I love the chalk board frames that I received from my Deflecto Design Team box this month.

They worked wonderfully with my theme.

2014 Holiday Workshop Pic #2 2014 Holiday Workshop Pic #1

I made the Candy Cane Suckers with the help of my adorable grandson, Nick, who got sprinkles

everywhere and my lovely daughter-in-law, Bonnie.

I wouldn’t have been able to pull this all off with out her help.  Thank You, Bonnie!

(The Candy Cane idea is from Pinterest, you can see the pin here)

Thank You Again to everyone who came and helped.  (I kind of wish it wasn’t all over.)

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