DIY Graduation Frame with Tassel

DIY Graduation Frame 5398

Some years I don’t have any Graduations to celebrate. 

This year there are three.  One from High School, Two from Junior High.  (not mine!)

I decided to make a Graduation Frame to use as one of the gifts.

After the ceremony the Graduate can take out the greeting and add a picture.

DIY Graduation Frame Collage

For my frame I used:                                                                                    (*affiliate link)

  1. To make the tassel:  Wrap the red twine around a piece of chipboard several times.  The size of the chipboard determines the length of the tassel.
  2. Cut a piece of twine to gather and tie tightly around the twine at the top of the wrapped chipboard.
  3. Cut open the bottom loops from the chipboard.
  4. Wrap thin gold wire around the top of the tassel to imitate the look of a gold band.
  5. Trim the bottom of the tassel to even the length.
  6. Create computer generated greeting and insert inside the frame.
  7. Ink white chipboard numbers gray using the ink applicator.  Stick on front of the frame.
  8. Make a small garland from small 1/2″ strips of paper adhered to a piece of red twine.
  9. Adhere the tassel to the back of the frame with a small piece of tape.  That way the Graduate can reposition the tassel if needed after adding photo.

FYI:  When my oldest graduated from High school his younger sister also graduated from Junior High.  Four years later when it was time for her to graduate High School he was graduating from College.

SO….for all you young people thinking of starting a family. 

Don’t space your kids 4 years apart.  (The magic number is three.)  Just saying!

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