Block Stamping on Canvas with Smoothfoam

Both Canvas' 4913

I had this great idea to make stamps using Smoothfoam so that I could do sidewalk stamping with my

Grandsons.  After one messy (but fun) try, I decided it really wasn’t going to work the way I wanted.

So… I decided to use the stamps on a canvas instead.

(See Wednesday’s post:  The Good, the Bad and the Messy)

Handmade Smoothfoam Stamps 4837

I created the stamps using a Hotwire Foam Cutter.  You could also use a craft knife.

Because the original plan was to use them with the kids, I glued handles on the back.

I made flower shapes, leaves, squares and triangles.

Block Stamping Collage

Supplies Used:

  1. Prime canvas with acrylic paint.
  2. Sponge acrylic paint on the back of the Smoothfoam pre-cut square, stamp onto the canvas.  You may need to press the back of the canvas with your remaining hand to get crisper image.  Repeat three more times to create square background.
  3. Stamp flower and leaves.  Using a small Smoothfoam ball cut in half, stamp center of flower.
  4. Stencil words on Canvas.

Block Stamping on Canvas with Smoothfoam

Disclaimer:  This project was created for and sponsored by Smoothfoam.

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