Clever Storage Ideas

Creative Storage Collage 2

I’m not one that’s easily impressed…

I’ve been told I’m a hard sell.

Let me tell you, these new storage containers from Deflecto has really impressed me.

So much that I made a quick 2 minute video to show the benefits and features.

Well thought out and versatile.  My new go to caddy to take to classes.

Ask for them at your local craft store.  Also available on Amazon*.

Deflecto Caddy Organizer, Three Compartments, White (29003CR)

Deflecto Stacking Organizer, 3″ x 3.89″ x 3″, 1 Compartment (20101CR)


“This is a sponsored post. As a member of the Deflecto Design Team I have been
provided product in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions.”

*This post uses Amazon Affiliate links.  I am an Amazon Affiliate

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