DIY Seashell Lamp

DIY Seashell Lamp 5998

Oh…to be by the ocean listening to the waves and picking up shells.

Lately, I’ve been dreaming of summer vacation and relaxing on the beach.  (it’s my happy place!)

Like most people, I love to walk the beach and collect shells.

During the summer, I like to display my shells in a large clear vase on the mantle.

It reminds me of fun summer family vacations.

Last month, when I received the Lighten Up Kit from Etchall®, I thought…

“wouldn’t it make a cute Seashell Lamp to put on the patio to use on those

warm summer nights?”

I used shells collected during our trips to South Carolina.  (some even from the Isle of Palms)

Lamp Close Up 5992

Here’s what I used to make the DIY Seashell Lamp:        (*affiliate link)

Seashell Lamp Collage 2

The shade measures 4″ x 7″.


  1. Clean mason the jar to remove all dirt, fingerprints and oil.  Dry with a coffee filter, paper towel, or lint-free cloth.
  2. Mask off a 1″ area around the mason jar with removable painters tape.
  3. Apply a heavy coat of etchall® etching crème to the masked area using the etchall® squeegee.  Leave etching crème on for 15 minutes.  After etching time has elapsed, use the squeegee to return the crème back into the original container for later re-use.
  4. Rinse etched surface with hot water to remove any remaining crème.  Remember to keep crème away from porcelain or ceramic tiles.
  5. Dry mason jar and apply the “relax” peel and stick stencil onto the middle of the first side.  Mask the sides of the stencil with removable painter’s tape.
  6. Using a stencil brush and the multi surface paint, fill in the open areas of the stencil.
  7. Carefully remove stencil and clean before stenciling on the other three sides of the jar.
  8. Fill Jar with sand and shells.
  9. Using the plastic sleeve template, trace onto a piece of burlap. Cut the burlap leaving a 1/2″ allowance around traced template.  Craft Confession:  I tried using a “stick it adhesive sheet” on the burlap first before cutting it out.  It didn’t work.  (see next step)
  10. Use spray adhesive to coat the back of the burlap.  Apply onto the lampshade and trim.
  11. Glue twine around edge of lampshade.

Optional:  The top of the shade is removable so I spray painted it black.

DIY Seashell Lamp 05959

The Lighten Up Kit is pretty easy to customize.  Lots of possibilities.

It comes with a self-illuminating lampshade with LED lights, template and instructions guide.

It uses 3 AA batteries so it’s portable and can be used almost anywhere.

The DIY Seashell Lamp was created for and sponsored by Etchall®.

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9 thoughts on “DIY Seashell Lamp

  1. Susie Bradley says:

    This would be perfect for the back porch and the boxes of shells for ‘some day’ projects. I’m not finding the kit on Amazon, but will check out the manufacturer site.

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