This sweet little guy loves his cars.

Warren Loves Cars

My grandson Warren loves his cars.

And…it’s not uncommon at any given time to see him walking around with 2 or 3 cars in his hands.

His favorite being Lighting Mc Queen from the movies Cars.

He’s so cute when he’s looking for a particular one.

“It’s red with blue wheels and it has a spider web on it.”

You mean the Spiderman car?  “Yeah”

Warren layout close up

So… for Warren’s layout I decided to use cute cars puffy stickers from Paper House Studios.

making the roads 9904

For my layout, I started with an 8 1/2″ X 11″ piece of black cardstock and drew my road lines using

a ruler and a pale grey colored pencil.

Paper House Production Products Used:

This layout was created for and sponsored by Paper House Production.


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