Tie Dyed Emoji Socks

Looking for a fun Summer project to do with the kids?

How about one of a kind Tie-Dyed Emoji socks?

This kids are going to love this!

To make the Tie-Dyed Emoji Socks this is what you’ll need…

I tried three different ways to dye my socks.

  • First, I just squirted dye directly onto the socks.  (red and blue pair)
  • Next, I rubber banded two socks together.  (yellowish pair)
  • Then, I tried rubber banding the socks separately.  (purplish  pair)

I think I like the socks rubber banded together best.  (yellowish pair)

To Dye the Socks…

  1. Add water to the pre-measured squirt bottles.
  2. Rubber-band socks and apply dye.
  3. Let set for 6-8 hours, then rinse – waiting is the hardest part!
  4. Make sure to wear gloves!  (I didn’t)
  5. Wash and Dry socks.

6.  Iron On Emoji patches on opposite sides of the socks.    Very COOL Socks!

The Tie-Dyed Emoji Socks were created for and sponsored by Joy.

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