Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 1249

By the time we get through all the Christmas Festivities and Parties….

I’m ready to stay in and eat pizza by the time New Year’s Eve comes along.

Relaxing and low key is the answer.

We may even toast the New Year, that is if he’s still awake.

Happy New Years-Sue's Creative Workshop-www.sueeldred.com 1198

Even though we’re not having a big party, Party Hats are always fun.

I must have been really good this year…

because Santa brought me a new Silhouette CAMEO 3 Wireless Cutting Machine*

I used my new present to whip up some simple party hats

Happy New Years-Sue's Creative Workshop-www.sueeldred.com 1203

I used two strips of Ultra FX Glitter Vinyl from Styletech and laid them side by side.

I made sure my fonts lined up so that I could cut both colors at the same time.

Happy New Years-Sue's Creative Workshop-www.sueeldred.com 1208

  • I also cut a large mat shape from black cardstock and a slightly smaller mat shape using silver metallic vinyl.
  • I used the transfer paper to remove all the letters at once and laid them onto my shiny mat to create my hat.
  • I cut the bottom section of the mat shape and added a small strip of vinyl for extra decoration.  I created a band for my hat from two strips of cardstock and stuck the “happy new year” mat on the front.  (pretty simple)

Happy New Years Hat-Sue's Creative Workshop-www.sueeldred.com 1241

Now it’s a party.  (well sort of)

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