Gnome Gardening with Boys

Gnome Gardening with boys can be kind of tricky.

You need to be extremely prepared and very patient.

It’s messy and everything moves real quickly.

Earlier this summer the boys and I created Gnome Gardens.

It’s our annual tradition.  (Nicholas and I’ve been doing this for 5 years)

Thanks to some wonderful supplies donated by Leisure Arts, Inc.

and a few left over items from previous gardens we had a wonderful time and a lot of fun.

Leisure Arts Mini Garden Supplies…        (*affiliate link) has a fun selection to choose from.

For our Gnome Gardens I like to use succulents, plants specific for mini gardens

and plants that won’t get too big.  And of course good potting soil!

Spray bottles are also a must.  (beware you might WILL get wet!)

Making the Gnome Gardens are a fun way to spend time with the boys.

The boys get to plant, water, watch the plants grow and play with the gnomes.

It’s very educational.

Nick’s Gnome Garden

For Nick’s Gnome Garden we used an old broken down wagon. 

It’s fun to use unconventional items when Gnome Gardening.

Warren’s Gnome Garden

For Warren’s Gnome Garden we used a simple round planter bowl. 

I think it turned out real cute. 

I’m still on the look-out for something a little bit different for his garden next year.

All and all it’s fun, rewarding and hopefully something they’ll remember in the future.

Maybe, just maybe, I’m installing a love of gardening.

Emerson the Littlest Brother  (maybe next year)

Nick and Grandma’s very first mini garden (Read about it HERE!)

A Special Thanks to Leisure Arts for providing the Mini Garden Supplies. 

We think you’re awesome!

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