Little Red Barn

The Little Red Barn…

Every summer we take on a new project and this summer has been all about the barn.

Our old barn was built in two sections and one of the sections was in pretty bad shape.

We tore down the rickety part and have been rebuilding the other half.

My only requirement for the new barn was that I wanted it red.  (and maybe a few other changes)

I’ll save the Barn Make-Over for another post.

*Disclosure… “This is a sponsored post.  I have been provided product in exchange for my creative ideas.  The views and opinions are my own.”

So… when I received Eileen Hull’s House Ornament Die* naturally I saw a barn.   

I guess I’m in full barn mode.

I made a few adjustments to the die-cut house, like removing the top section for tying and

adding a roof made from black corrugated paper.

I added a couple barn doors cut from chipboard and added a thin piece of corrugated

paper over top for an awning.

The bottom of the house opens up and would look cute with a tea light glowing inside.

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The die also comes with a little tag to hang from the top of the house.

I added a little awning over the window.  So many possibilities.

This house die* is quickly becoming my new favorite die.

I can’t wait to create another house (or two) all decked out  for Christmas.

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