DIY No Sew Valentine Gnome

How to Make a No-Sew Valentine Gnome using Dollar Store Socks.

Love Gnomes? Love Fun Socks?

Put them together for a fun and inexpensive Valentine’s Day project.

I stopped at Dollar Tree the other day to look around for “stuff” and found some super cute

valentine’s day socks. They gave me the idea to make a Valentine’s Day Gnome.

I carried around a pair for a while but ended up deciding I wanted a smaller Gnome.

I found these little girls’ striped socks, which were the perfect size for my small Gnome.

Materials Used:               (*affiliate link)

*Disclosure:  This blog uses affiliate links.  If you choose to make a purchase using one of the links, I receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you) that helps offset the costs of maintaining this blog.  Thanks for your support! 


  • I used two sizes of little girls’ short socks. I originally cut both of the socks but later changed my mind. (I’ll explain later.)
  • Cut the larger sock at the heel, as shown in the image.

  • Place the 1/3 cup of rice into the sock and add poly-fil.
  • Tightly tie the sock closed with a piece of twine.
  • Add a dab of glue over the knotted string and cut away the excess material.

  • Cut two 1/2″ x 4″ pieces of faux fur.  (approximately)
  • Tie a piece of ribbon around the middle of each strip.
  • Glue the strips to the top of the filled sock.

  • To make the Gnome Nose: Cut the white toe section off a second larger sock and place a small bit of poly-fil into the end. Tie tightly with string and cut the excess off.
  • Add a small bit of glue over the knot.
  • For the clothes:  Cut the rest of the striped section off the sock and place it over the sock body.
  • This is where I changed my mind. If you look at the picture above, you can see that the hat was too small for the Gnome. I used the full “smaller” sock to make the hat. I folded the heel into the back and added a small dab of glue to make it look like a fold.

  • I used a makeup brush and bronzer powder to add color to the nose.

  • Glue the nose onto the front of the Gnome slightly over the top of the clothing.
  • Tie the end of the sock with a piece of twine to create a pom-pom.
  • Create a small bow from the pink ribbon and glue it onto the knot.
  • Place hat onto the Gnome and add a dab of glue under the rim to keep it in place.
  • Cut two small pieces of felt for the shoes and glue under the body of the Gnome.

With all the fun and colorful socks available in stores nowadays, just think of all the fun you can have while personalizing your Gnome.

Red Posies Felt Christmas Ornaments

Fairfield World’s 80th Birthday Celebration

If you are a crafter, chances are you’ve used Poly-fil a time or two. (or much, much more)

Would you believe they’ve been around for 80 years?

My grandma used poly-fil for years, and so have I.

So when given the opportunity, I  jumped at the chance to help them celebrate.

And talk about celebrating, they even sent us a box of goodies to inspire us.

How cool is that? (my favorite was the cheese popcorn)

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  I have been provided product in exchange for my creative ideas.  The views and opinions are my own.

With Christmas coming soon, I decided to make a couple of Red Posies Felt Ornaments.

I enjoy stitching from time to time, but because I’m not an expert by any means,

I’m going to call them “Simple Homespun Charm”.

Materials Used:              (*affiliate links) - Create More, Spend Less

*Disclosure:  This blog uses affiliate links.  If you choose to make a purchase using one of the links,  I receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you) that helps offset the costs of maintaining this blog.  Thanks for your support!


  • Die-cut the flowers, leaves, and circles out of felt.
  • Arrange the die-cut pieces on the felt.

  • Add a small dab of fabri-tac adhesive* under the top felt piece to hold it in place while you do your stitching.
  • I like to start with the top layer first and work my way down so that I’m not going through as many layers of felt at one time.

  • Hand sew simple stitches in white and red thread around the pieces.

  • Use small, close stitches to close the ornament 3/4 of the way closed.
  • Add a small amount of poly-fil into the center of the ornament and finish sewing it closed.

  • Use a large hole needle to add twine to the top of the ornament for hanging.
  • Adhere a small bow onto the top of the ornament with fabri-tac adhesive*.
  • To add a small word, like the word joy, iron the letters onto the felt circle before stitching.


For more 80th Birthday Celebration check out Fairfield World on Instagram.

When your favorite cashmere sweater has a hole…

When your favorite Cashmere Sweater has a hole, you make it into something new.

I was pretty bummed when I found out my favorite sweater had a hole in it.

My first instinct was to throw it in the garbage.

After retrieving my sweater from the throw-away pile…

I decided to make it into a super soft pillow instead.

To make the DIY Sweater Pillow I used:                                  (*affiliate link)

*Disclosure:  This blog uses ads and affiliate links.  If you choose to make a purchase using one of the links, I receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you) that helps offset the costs of maintaining this blog.  Thanks for your support.

DIY Upcycled Sweater Pillow


  • Turn the sweater inside out. Line up the pillow form with the sweater to determine the best placement to hide the holes.
  • For my sweater, since the holes were on one side…I decided to sew the bottom of the sweater together first and insert the pillow to determine how much I needed to cut off the other side.
  • Cut the sweater slightly larger than the pillow form.
  • Remove pillow form and sew the second side together.

  • To Personalize my pillow, Turn the sweater back to the right sides and iron the Joy Iron-On Embroidered Letters. Cover letters with a clean, soft cloth and iron the letters for 30 seconds. Turn sweater pillow cover inside out, cover with cloth and iron for an additional 30 seconds. Allow the letters to cool before finishing the pillow.  

  • Because there is a lot of give with the sweater material.  I was able to sew the 4th side halfway and stuff the pillow form inside.  I hand stitched the pillow closed.

  • To dress up the pillow…I created a sash to go around the pillow by sewing together flannel scraps.

  • Secure the sash around the pillow using a couple of big black buttons.

The pillow is perfect for marking my spot on my favorite comfy chair.

Making it Cozy…

Cozy up the house this Winter with a personalized flannel pillow!

When the holidays are “really” over and everything is finally packed away…

it’s time for me to relax, cozy up with a comfy pillow, warm blanket and a good book.

I love to hibernate in the winter.  (I really don’t like the cold)   

That’s when I start layering up the house (and me) with blankets and pillows.

I like it warm and “cozy”.

To make my Cozy pillow you’ll need:


  1. With right sides together, sew three sides of the flannel pieces together to create the pillow cover. Turn so the right side is facing out.
  2. Position the letters on the front then, following directions on the back of the package, iron in place using a pressing cloth.  Let cool then turn the pillow cover inside out and iron again from the back.  Let cool for at least one minute, then turn again with the right sides out.
  3. Insert the pillow form then stitch then the pillow cover closed.

My cozy pillow was created for and sponsored by Joy SA.

Joy® iron-on numbers and letters are available in different sizes, colors and fonts at your favorite craft stores…

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

*Disclaimer:  This post uses ads and affiliate links.  If you choose to make a purchase using one of the links, I receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you) that helps offset the costs of maintaining this blog.  Thanks for your support!

How to Mist and Stencil a Mixed Media Pillow

Home Pillow for Joy 6602

I enjoy making pillows.

Especially when it’s a quick and easy “no sew” pillow with a twist.

How about a little misting and stenciling with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists?

Home Pillow for Joy Project Supplies Close Up 5805

I started my project off with a 12″ plain canvas pillow cover, versatile check stencil (see end of post),

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists and large iron-on embroidered letters from Joy.

masking the stencil 5818

Using removable painter’s tape, I taped the stencil onto the canvas.

I wanted my pillow to have a subtle background so I lightly sprayed with Tattered Angels

Crushed Shells Glimmer Mist.

Because the pillow is decorative, I’m not worried about the spray being washable.

Home 5820

I used large Iron-on letters from Joy to spell out the word “Home”.

Spraying the letters5824

To customize the plain white letters, I sprayed them with Coffee Shop Glimmer Mist for contrast.

ironing 6395

Allow the letters to fully dry before arranging onto the pillow.  Cover the letters with a cotton cloth

and iron for about 30 seconds.  I ironed it again from the back of the fabric for another 30 seconds.

Burlap Flower

I added an old button to the center of a burlap flower from Canvas Corp Brands

and glued it onto the corner of my pillow with Fabri Tac Glue.

I used a 12″ pillow form from Fairfield World to stuff the pillow.

Deco Art DECADS.20 Americana Decor Stencil Versatile Checks*


This project was created for the Creating with Joy Blog and was sponsored by Canvas Corp Brands, Deco Arts, Fairfield World, Beacon Adhesives and Joy SA.

*This post uses affiliate links.

Making a Playhouse Banner with oly*fun

Making a Playhouse Banner with Oly Fun 9634My grandson Nicholas is celebrating his 5th birthday in just a few days.  (but who’s counting?)

He’s having two parties this Saturday.  One for the kids and the other for family.

Such a lucky little guy.  (Born on his Daddy’s birthday.)

Since the family party is at his house, I had an idea to make a bright colorful banner to decorate

the new playhouse.

I had recently received a selection of oly*fun to work with and thought it would be perfect to use.

It was super easy to put together.

Playhouse 9651

What exactly IS oly*fun? 

oly*fun is a specially engineered material that features some of the best things about fabrics AND

papers.  Easy to cut or die-cut and it will not fray.  It is great for outdoors

Supplies 9625

 Here’s what I used:

Supplies 9631


  1. Stencil the check pattern using the black acrylic paint on the orange oly*fun.
  2. Create a banner pattern on cardstock.
  3. Cut out the banner pattern and trace onto the stenciled oly*fun.
  4. Trace and cut several banners out of the black and green oly*fun.
  5. Cut strips and circles to decorate the banners.  Glue onto banner with Fabri Tac Glue.
  6. Fold top of the banner and staple onto the piece of twine.
  7. Tie the banner onto the top of the playhouse and watch the kids play.

Playhouse 9644

A Special Thanks to Fairfield World for generously providing the oly*fun for this project.


DIY No Sew Pillows to Dye for…

A Pillow to Dye For

Recently, I participated with a group of Designers in a Manufacturer Challenge sponsored by

Fairfield World the makers of Pillow Forms, Batting, Poly-fil®… and a whole lot more.

After a little good natured trash talking between the designers, the challenge was dubbed the

“Pillow Fight” and with that it was game on.

Not being much of a seamstress I knew I had to take it in another direction.

Hopefully, what I lack in sewing skills I’m making up for in quantity and possibly inspiration

for other non-sowers like me.

If you happened to see my post, “Tie-Dying with Nick” then you’ll know I’m on a little bit

of a tie-dying kick.  (why stop now?   oh… and make sure to check out the bonus project at the end.)

Nick's Tie Dye Pillow 6430Warren's Pillow

Here are a couple of pillows I made for my grandsons using a one step tie-dye kit

and the Ombre Technique.  (see instructions below)

It was such a fun and easy project that I let my grandson in on the fun.

Thanks to canvas pillow squares and pillow forms there is no sewing involved.

(The red pillow above also uses the ombre Technique only with one color of dye.)

Iron-On embroidered letters allowed me to easily personalized the pillows for the boys.

Nick and the Ombre Technique

For my No Sew Pillows I used:                                                                  (*amazon affiliate links)

These are the instructions included with the Tulip dye kit.

  1. Apply dye.
  2. Dip brush into dye and apply.
  3. Dip brush into water and apply.
  4. Cover dyed fabric with plastic wrap to keep damp.
  5. Let set for 6-8 hours or longer for intense colors.
  6. Rinse well with water until excess dye is removed.
  7. Fill washer to “large load” setting with hottest water suitable for fabric and a small amount of laundry soap.  Wash and dry separately.  Wash separately for the first few washes.

Directions for Stenciling:

The pattern on the Red Pillow was made using the 12″ Doily Stencil*.

  1. Lay protective paper layer inside the canvas pillow square before stenciling.
  2. Center and tape stencil onto pillow with removable painter’s tape so that the stencil won’t move.
  3. Stenciling is a “dry” brush technique. Using a stencil brush, dip just the tip of your brush into the paint. Tap off excess paint before applying to prevent the paint from seeping under the edges of the stencil.
  4. Apply paint with stencil brush in a straight up and down motion called stippling.
  5. Stuff pillow with pillow form or Poly-fil®.

And for an added bonus… Tie Dyed Socks!!!  (someone stop me)

Tie Dyed Socks

This project was sponsored by Fairfield World, Canvas Corp Brand, Tulip Brand and DecoArt. - Create More, Spend Less

*DisclaimerThis post uses ads and affiliate links.  If you choose to make a purchase using one of the links, I receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you) that helps offset the costs of maintaining this blog.  Thanks for your support!

Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial*

a little Christmas Home Décor

Stenciled Burlap Outside

This Christmas has been the year of Holiday Stenciling for me.  (I just can’t seem to get enough)

This time I’m making a Quick & Easy Home Décor piece for a Blog Hop with Fairfield World

using Foamology Stickybase Tiles™.

What’s Foamology?

Well…. I could try to explain this cool product to you, but. this video explains it much better.

For my project, I decided to try my hand at stenciling on Burlap.

I used a large piece of burlap about 14″ wide and the 12″ Christmas Bulbs stencil

and the 12″ Word Xmas Tree stencil from Clear Scraps.

After I stenciled on the burlap, I wrapped it around the 12″ foam square as shown in the

video and inserted it into a shadow box frame.

Stenciled Burlap

Some of the products used on this project were generously donated by Fairfield World and Clear Scraps.

Handmade Holiday: Sew Simple Snowflake Pillow

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays (besides eating Christmas cookies)

is to make things to decorate my home.  My snowflake pillow is a simple sewing project

that makes a warm and cozy winter accent.

You can leave this pillow out long after the holidays are over.

For my Snowflake Pillow I used:                     (*affiliate link)


  1. Cut a 4″ x 12″ wavy piece from the cream felt.
  2. Add a small amount of Fabri Tac Glue on the back of the cream felt to keep it in place before sewing.  Place that piece 1/2″ up from the bottom of the grey 13″ piece of felt.
  3. Glue Snowflakes in place.  Hand sew the red buttons in the center.
  4. Machine sew around outer edges of the large cream piece.
  5. Machine sew between each of the snowflake arms.
  6. Turn felt pieces right sides together and sew with a 1/2″ seam allowance.
  7. Leave a 3″ opening at the bottom to add fiberfill.
  8. Turn pillow back around and stuff with fiberfill.
  9. Hand sew the pillow closed.

FYI…You can find die cut snowflakes in my Etsy Shop.

Thanks to the generous folks at Fairfield World for supplying the Poly-Fil.

*Disclaimer:  This post uses ads and affiliate links.  If you choose to make a purchase using one of the links, I receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you) that helps offset the costs of maintaining this blog.  Thanks for your support!

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