How to make an Up-cycled Watering Can Wind Chime…

Up-cycled Watering Can Windchimes 3679

My Version of turning Lemons into Lemonade.  (sorry Jim)

Christmas Water Can 1233

On my Birthday, a couple of years ago, my husband wanted to make my day special and

shower me with lots of little gifts.  Of all the places to shop, he choose to shop at a outlet

store in Southern Missouri that was filled with things that I wouldn’t have sold even when

I had my gift store in the 90’s.  (he’s no longer allowed to shop there)

This Christmas watering can was one of those gifts.

I honestly thought it was a gag gift.  (I may or may not have laughed)

I ran across it again when putting away my Christmas Decorations this past year.

Instead of throwing it out or giving it to Goodwill I thought I’d re-purpose it into

something I would use.

Shabby Watering Can Supplies 01328

My Shabby Watering Can Wind-chime                            (*affiliate link)


  1. Re-purpose a old decorative watering can by taking off the paper covering. Soak in water if necessary.
  2. Sand to remove any additional paper and to make smooth for painting.
  3. Spray-paint watering can and keys with cream paint.
  4. Puddle silver ink onto a piece of scratch paper by pumping the nib. Use the tip of your finger to rub ink directly onto watering can around edges to highlight and distress.
  5. Mask off the center of decorative stencil with blue painter’s tape, lay onto watering can.
  6. Rub silver paint onto stencil as in step #4.
  7. Wind thin wire around the end of a piece of twine. Insert wire into the holes in the spout and pull through to the inside of the can. Repeat for however many keys you plan on using.
  8. Gather the ends from inside the can and tie them altogether in a knot. Pull the opposite ends to bring the knot back through the spout. (The ends will now be hidden.)
  9. Tie keys on to end of each piece of twine.
  10. Glue bird inside of nest.
  11. Glue bird-nest inside of the watering can.
  12. Add adhesive pearl to decorative accent on side of the can.

Best for covered porches or decorative use.

Keys 3699  Bird's Nest 3701

Before you throw me under the bus…

I’m really not an ungrateful, insensitive person.  (really I’m not)

I love and appreciate my husband very much.  He’s the greatest!

(Phew…these are the days I’m glad he doesn’t read my blog)

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