DIY: Mini Crate Make-Over

Red Crate 5878

DIY Mini Crate Make Over…

Because sometimes a girl changes her mind.

crate 4158

It all started with this…  My Sweet Earth Day Tea Party Crate. (←original post)

A cute cream and pink crate with a pretty pink flower.

It was perfect for what I wanted at the time.

But… always resourceful, I decided to reuse the mini crate* (*affiliate link) in my work space.

Because my work space has a vintage vibe… a mini make over was in order.

Paint with Red Chalk Paint 5173

I took off the flower embellishment and gave the mini crate* a light sanding.

Then I painted the crate with FOLKART Home Decor Chalk, Imperial*.

Being an impatient crafter, I was tempted to start my next color right away.  Make sure to wait.

Allow a couple of hours for the piece to dry before adding the next color.  (trust me)

Paint a thin coat of black paint 5182

Next, I gave the crate a light coating with Black Home Décor paint.

Use a small paint brush to get into those corners.

With a soft, damp, clean cloth, wipe off the black paint to give it an aged distressed look.

I used Tattered Angels Décor in Ebony*.

extra red highlights5200

If you start to think it looks to dark, just add highlights with the red paint directly over the

ebony paint.  If you like a matte finish, you can stop right here.

I wanted a little more sheen, so I applied FOLKART Plaid Clear Home Decor Wax*.

With the wax, you apply a thin coat, wait one hour and buff with a clean soft cloth.

I’ve always loved furniture with that aged red finish and wanted to give it a try.

Now that I’ve started with something small, (which is always a good idea)

I’ve got my eye on a couple more pieces I’d like to refinish.

FYI:  If you’d like a mini crate like mine you can get it at online at Amazon* or Walnut Hollow.

This project was sponsored by Walnut Hollow, Canvas Corp and Plaid. 

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