New Use for an Old Basket

On the Porch 2

Need a quick front porch project…

Got any old baskets lying around the house?

Old Basket Before 7232

I’m a total sucker when it comes to baskets.  (a basket case one might say)

I’ve got quite the collection, I use them all over the house.

During my Spring Cleaning…this basket was headed for the trash when I decided to

repurpose it.  I love the look of flowers in baskets.  I had nothing to lose.

I can always throw it away later if it doesn’t wear well this summer.  (look at how rough it is)

quick fix 7242

I gave the handle of the basket a quick fix with some craft glue held together with a binder clip.

plastic bag and adding potting soil 7244

I used a thin grocery store bag to line the basket and keep the dirt in place.

You might want to poke a few small holes in the bag for drainage.

ready to plant 7251

Once you’ve filled the basket with dirt, tuck the remaining bag neatly around the sides

of the basket.

flowers 7250

My basket will be on a shaded front porch. 

I chose flowers that will grow well in shade.

I started with a couple larger pink geraniums and filled with smaller pink impatiens

and purple violas.

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TIP:  Don’t pack the basket so full that the flowers don’t have room to grow.

New Look for an Old Basket

Now that Garage Sale season is upon us.

You may want to keep a look out for a cheap basket or two.

That is… if you don’t have any old baskets lying around waiting to be rescued.

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One thought on “New Use for an Old Basket

  1. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    Great idea!

    Here in Jax FL, Aldis has garden cloth for what I think is a good price. I’m hoping the plastic holds up for you. It doesn’t here!

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