No. 14 How to age a Terra Cotta Pot with Chalky Finish Paint

It’s front porch sitting time…

Time for sitting on the porch swing, sipping a glass of iced tea and relaxing the evening away.

But before I can relax, I need to finish putting flowers in containers and I need to give a couple

of old boring terra cotta pots a little sprucing up with a little paint and stencils.

I decided to give this plain terra cotta pot an aged looked with

Americana Décor Chalky Finish Paint from DecoArt.

Terra Cotta Pot Close Up 7478

How to age a Terra Cotta Pot with Chalky Finish Paint

Supplies Used:                                                                (*affiliate link)

Terra Cotta Pot Collage


  1. Paint the terra cotta pot with “yesteryear” (gray) chalky finish paint.  I gave the pot some white highlights with “everlasting” chalky finish paint.
  2. Wipe the pot with a clean soft damp cloth (or white paper towel) to remove some of the paint.
  3. To give the pot a mossy look… Dry brush “new life” (green) chalky finish paint around the base of the pot, under the ridge and on the top edge.  Soften the green paint by wiping with a damp cloth if needed.
  4. Apply reusable stick on stencils to painted pot.  Mask around the stencil with removable painter’s tape.  Use a stipple brush to apply “relic” Chalky Finish paint inside open stencil area.
  5. Remove stencil.
  6. Lightly sand pot with extra fine sand paper.
  7. Apply Americana® Décor “golden brown” crème wax over pot using a clean lint free cloth.  Wipe with cloth to create an aged look.

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Front Porch 2

This post was sponsored by the good folks at DecoArt.

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