“I’d rather be thrifting” bag

Thrifting Bag 6289

My daughter is an expert at shopping the thrift stores

and finding a great deal… 

When she asked me to make her a tote bag similar to the ones she’d seen online.

I knew exactly where to start.  I used a large canvas bag from Canvas Corp Brands

and ironed on a fun saying using Joy® embroidered letters.

ironing the letters 6266

It’s quick and easy – just preheat your iron to the cotton setting, then remove the paper liner

on back of each letter (exposing the temporary adhesive) and press into place on your tote bag

to spell out your quote. Cover the letters with a cotton cloth and iron for about 30 seconds.

I ironed it again from the back of the fabric for another 30 seconds.

bag close up

Fast, Quick, Personalized and Ready to Go!

We’re thinking of adding “take me to a flea market” on the other side.


This project was created and sponsored by Joy SA.

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