DIY for Kids: Doodling on Craft Frames

Doodling on Craft Frames 8769

Doodling on clear acrylic craft frames…

a fun little project to make with the kids this summer that will help keep

the kids Happy and Busy.

Print out a few 4th July or Summer Fun pictures in wallet size and pick up a few

supplies and let their creativity soar.  (my frame is 3″ x 4″)

Trace around picture 4089

  • Cut a piece of white paper the size of your frame.
  • Center and trace around the picture on your paper.

Tracr around picture with ruler 4091

Using a pencil and ruler draw your grid lines on the paper.

Retrace pencil marks with black paint pen 04111

Reinsert the paper into the clear acrylic craft frame and retrace the lines.

Using paint pens or sharpies, add additional lines and doodles on the frame.

Tip:  When using paint pens, allow drying time in between adding colors.

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