Snowman Santa Wood Bead Ornament

How to make a Snowman Santa Wood Bead Ornament

Every year I like to make a new ornament or two for my Christmas Tree.

The Snowman Santa Ornament is an easy project that the whole family can make.

Materials Used:             (*affiliate link)

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  • Paint three wood beads with white acrylic paint.
  • Tie the ends of the Natural Twine together to create a loop.
  • Bend the small wire at the top of the looped twine to help you pull the wood beads.  String all three beads onto the natural twine.

  • Tie a knot at the top of the beads and trim off the excess twine.

  • Place the Santa Hat on the top of the beads to determine glue placement.  Remove the hat and add a small amount of glue on each side of the bead.  Add Santa Hat.
  • Give the Santa Hat a bend and glue in place with glue.
  • Thread the red and white twine through the needle, insert it into the top of the Santa Hat to create a hanger to hang the Snowman.

  • To Make the Scarf:  Cut a small thin piece of red felt.  (approx. 1/2″ x 7″)  Cut two small strips of white felt and glue them on each end of the red felt strip.  Fringe the ends of the red felt.
  • Tie the scarf around the top bead.  Add a small dab of glue to keep the scarf in place.

  • Use a paint marker to draw a simple face on the Snowman.

A Cute Little Snowman Ornament to hang on your Christmas Tree.

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