Mae’s Baby Shower Banner

Mae's Baby Shower Banner

Mae’s Baby Shower Banner

This past weekend we held a baby shower for my daughter

and soon-to-be granddaughter Mae.

The theme was April Showers Brings Mae Flowers.

My daughter gave me full permission to do “my thing.”

Everything was pink and flowery. (I had fun.)

One of the decorations that I made was a banner with my granddaughter’s name.

It was a simple project that we used along with a few balloons and giant rosettes

to create a place to take photos.

Mae's Baby Shower Banner

If you’re interested in making a banner for your next party here’s what I used: 

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Mae's Baby Shower Banner

  • Cut the scrapbook paper slightly larger than the wood banner pieces.
  • Place the scrapbook paper design side on the Xyron Creative Station®*
  • Turn the handle of the Creative Station to run the paper through.  As it runs through, it adds complete adhesive covering on the underneath side of the paper.

Mae's Baby Shower Banner

Mae's Baby Shower Banner

Mae's Baby Shower Banner

Mae's Baby Shower Banner

I wanted to keep the banner pieces simple. 

But you could add all kinds of flowers and embellishments to make it special.

Mae's Baby Shower Banner

How to make small pom-poms:

  1. Cut a small piece of matboard or cardboard approx. 2 inches. Loosely wrap the yarn around the matboard 50 times.
  2. Slide the wrapped yarn off the matboard and tightly tie the middle of the loops with a second piece of yarn.
  3. Cut all the loops with a pair of scissors. (Leave the second piece of yarn long.) Give the pom-pom a shake. Then the fun part, give the pom-pom a haircut, trimming all the ends the same size.

Mae's Baby Shower Banner

  • I added the banner pieces and wood beads onto a long piece of pink ribbon.
  • I spread the banner pieces to make room and tied the pom-poms directly onto the ribbon. Trim the long strings of the pom-poms.

Mae's Baby Shower Banner

I found these Cute Floral Pails* at Dollar Tree* and filled them with pansies. 

They were the perfect addition to our Spring themed baby shower.

Mae's Baby Shower Banner

I picked up these cute pink mugs at Hobby Lobby and used StyleTechCraft White Glossy Vinyl

to make the words for the Mom and Mae cups.

I used the Mom mug during the shower to hold pink cutlery.

It was so much fun planning this party.

I’ll be sharing more details of the shower soon.

“This is a sponsored post.  As a member of the StyleTechCraft Design Team I have been provided product and compensation in exchange for my creative ideas.  The views and opinions are my own.

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