Etching for Fall

I picked up this very old bottle at a yard sale…

The story with this bottle is that the guy bought a collection of old medicine bottles from the

early 1900’s that came from the old Bartonville State Mental Hospital.

If your not from around here, rumor is, the old State Hospital is haunted.

I believe the show “Ghost Hunters” did an episode there.

So… that and the fact that it was only $2.00 had me intrigued.

The old bottle was in rough shape.

When I tried removing the cork, it pretty much disintegrated on the spot.

tape bottle and etchall creme 9950 Etched Bottle 9970

To breath new life into the old bottle… 

I masked the top and the bottom of the bottle with removable painters tape and added

a thick coat of etchall Etching Creme*.  (*affiliate link)

After waiting 15 minutes, I removed the excess etching crème and put the excess back

in the container.  I rinsed the bottle with warm water and let dry.

(make sure to read the instructions on the bottle of etching crème.)

To give the bottle a little Fall color…

I used a StazOn Ink Pad, Orange Zest* and rubbed the ink over the bottle.

The ink only adheres to the etched area.

To finish the look, I added a rub-on decoration to the front of the bottle with

a little raffia and key around the neck.

A new look for a very old bottle.

This project was created for and sponsored by Etchall®.

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Thrifty Tuesdays Really Good Finds…

My Thrifty Finds 7058

We awoke to a rainy un-seasonably cool July morning.  Not really a outdoorsy kind of summer day.

So my daughter and I (since she was in town) went to one of our favorite Thrift Stores.

You know…The kind that is ran by old church ladies and the prices are really cheap.

My very favorite kind.

I found all the items above along with 3 stemmed glassware cordials for only $8.50.


Of all the things that I purchased today (and I love them all) this has to be my favorite.

A creamy white platter with no cracks or crazing for .50 and a bag of old hardware for a dollar.

That totally made my day.

basket pot and box

I almost put all three of these things back.  (total cost $1.50)

Instead I gave the little box to my daughter, and will use the terra cotta pot

with the great patina for a bunch of pink impatiens that need re-potting.

Stephanie And Me Selfie 2

After so much energy on great finds, my daughter and I treated ourselves to a nice lunch

at Potbellys and took a “selfie”.

It doesn’t take much to make us happy.

This Weeks Treasures…

This Weeks Treasures

Now that the weather has finally turned nice(ish),  I’ve decided it’s safe to come out of hibernation.

So I was happy when I got the chance to go out and go treasure hunting.

My daughter was in town (on a Tuesday) and we decided to go visit our favorite Thrift Store.

This time, we let her hubby tag along, he actually spent more money than we did.  So all was good.

When I’m hunting…I’m a pretty picky picker, so it’s got to be good.  (and cheap)

Here’s what I got:

2 small baskets, 3 small rulers, 4 packages of mini rick rack, a small red toile dish and 3 red bound

classic books and a Maya Angelou book.  All for around $7.00.

wood ruler

My favorite of all these treasures was the little wood ruler I picked up for a dime.

It will make a wonderful addition to a project.  Or maybe I’ll just keep it for display.

What do you look for when you go treasure hunting?

How to make an Up-cycled Watering Can Wind Chime…

Up-cycled Watering Can Windchimes 3679

My Version of turning Lemons into Lemonade.  (sorry Jim)

Christmas Water Can 1233

On my Birthday, a couple of years ago, my husband wanted to make my day special and

shower me with lots of little gifts.  Of all the places to shop, he choose to shop at a outlet

store in Southern Missouri that was filled with things that I wouldn’t have sold even when

I had my gift store in the 90’s.  (he’s no longer allowed to shop there)

This Christmas watering can was one of those gifts.

I honestly thought it was a gag gift.  (I may or may not have laughed)

I ran across it again when putting away my Christmas Decorations this past year.

Instead of throwing it out or giving it to Goodwill I thought I’d re-purpose it into

something I would use.

Shabby Watering Can Supplies 01328

My Shabby Watering Can Wind-chime                            (*affiliate link)


  1. Re-purpose a old decorative watering can by taking off the paper covering. Soak in water if necessary.
  2. Sand to remove any additional paper and to make smooth for painting.
  3. Spray-paint watering can and keys with cream paint.
  4. Puddle silver ink onto a piece of scratch paper by pumping the nib. Use the tip of your finger to rub ink directly onto watering can around edges to highlight and distress.
  5. Mask off the center of decorative stencil with blue painter’s tape, lay onto watering can.
  6. Rub silver paint onto stencil as in step #4.
  7. Wind thin wire around the end of a piece of twine. Insert wire into the holes in the spout and pull through to the inside of the can. Repeat for however many keys you plan on using.
  8. Gather the ends from inside the can and tie them altogether in a knot. Pull the opposite ends to bring the knot back through the spout. (The ends will now be hidden.)
  9. Tie keys on to end of each piece of twine.
  10. Glue bird inside of nest.
  11. Glue bird-nest inside of the watering can.
  12. Add adhesive pearl to decorative accent on side of the can.

Best for covered porches or decorative use.

Keys 3699  Bird's Nest 3701

Before you throw me under the bus…

I’m really not an ungrateful, insensitive person.  (really I’m not)

I love and appreciate my husband very much.  He’s the greatest!

(Phew…these are the days I’m glad he doesn’t read my blog)

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Thrifting Fun

Some of my favorite things 3040

One of my Favorite Things to do is spending time with my daughter.

Because she lives 3 hours away we don’t get to do it as much as I’d like.  So, I was giddy that we got

to spend all day together on Monday.  We went out for lunch, hit a couple of stores and then we went

“thrifting”.  Our favorite spot is closed on Mondays, so we went to Salvation Army and Goodwill instead.

We found some great bargains, but, nothing we really needed.  I picked up a bag of brand new

Red Magnolia Colored Pencils and 50 of these neat little papers for under a dollar.

I figured these pencils would look great once I find the perfect container.  Now I just need to

keep them away from my little buddy who loves sharpening pencils in Grandma’s office.

The little drawer was a “find” that my daughter found while antiquing in Nashville.

I wish I could spend every Monday like this.

pencils and paper 3065

Vintage Frame Project (aka Plan B)

I woke up pretty darn proud of myself today.  All I had to do was put the final coat of wax

on my project and then “Wow” you with the finished masterpiece.

I even had a catchy title for the post called “When Procrastination Pays Off”.

I even took a picture of the pieces beforehand.

I was confidentially prepared for the win.  (you know, my awesome blog post)

Vintage Frame Project Supplies

Some may call me a procrastinator….

I like to wait until inspiration strikes.

Here’s the way I think…

The other evening, I received some awesome paint from the good people at Plaid.

I had this old frame that I picked at a garage sale last May for a quarter, an old needlepoint

tapestry that I made (um-hum) 25 years or so ago, old sheet music and a coupon for Jo-Ann’s

for framing.  All of a sudden I needed to use that frame.

The original plan was to have Jo-Ann Fabrics frame the tapestry and then see if I could purchase

glass and a mat for the frame.

(Side note:  Just because you have a framing coupon doesn’t mean your Jo-Ann’s have a frame shop)

So…the next stop, the hardware store for a $5 piece of glass.

How hard could it be?  I don’t need professional framing.  I can do it myself.

I guess I should of seen the sweat off the old man’s brow as a sign

that I was in for more than I could chew.

Last night I sanded, painted and distressed.  The frame looked lovely.

Today a coat of clear wax, wait an hour, then buff.

Armed with chipboard, tape, flat head screwdriver, old tapestry and good intentions

I went on to finish my masterpiece.  Only one problem… it didn’t fit.

The needlepoint tapestry was too fat for the frame.  (I didn’t see that one coming.)

So… on to “Plan B”.

Framed Clover Blossoms

I decided to stick the Vintage Sheet Music in the frame instead.  (maybe it’s really Plan A?)close up of distressed frame

Seriously, I love this chalk paint from Plaid.  (Did you happen to notice the date on the sheet music?)


I guess I’ll leave this wonky shaped tapestry for the professionals.  (Michael’s here I come.)

Vintage Christmas Cards

Vintage Christmas Cards 202

I was gifted this year with a large collection of Christmas Cards from the 50’s, 60’s and  70’s.

I love it when someone finds something cool and vintage like this and thinks of me.

I can honestly tell you I looked at everyone of them.

Some of them will go in frames, others I may even cut and use for collaging.

Here a are a few of my favorites…

Vintage Wisemen

Vintage Christmas Cards

gayest christmas tree

Happy Friday Everyone.  Enjoy the week-end.

Christmas Ornaments from Old Kitchen Hardware

Old Kitchen Hardware

I picked up a bag of old kitchen hardware for 50¢ at a Garage Sale.

I can’t resist a good bargain and knew I might even use them someday.

After disassembling and using them on a couple of projects,

I put the rest in a container high on the shelf for another day.


I ran across them again the other day and had an idea…

How would they look with cream spray paint?

I knew I was onto something and let the idea marinate in my head for a day or two.

This is what I came up with and I’m pretty happy with the results.

Shabby Chic Orn 86

For my Ornament:

  • Paint the base plate from old kitchen hardware with cream spray paint.
  • I added silver around the edge using my finger tip and paint from a  Chisel Point Pen Tip Calligraphy Paint Marker, Silver*    (affiliate link)
  • Remove the small wooden base from a small bottle brush tree.  With small pliers bend the remaining wire tip up into the tree.
  • Cut the back of the bottle brush tree to make it flat.
  • Glue tree in place with Beacon Adhesives Zip Dry.*
  • For a little extra sparkle, I rubbed clear glitter glue into the bristles of the tree.  Glue pearl beads and place directly into tree.
  • On the top of the ornament I used a piece cream twill ribbon with an inexpensive plastic star ornament on a silver jump ring.  Tied it in place with a piece of burlap twine and small cream button.
  • I added a silver jingle bell that I painted and distressed with sandpaper and tied on with a satin ribbon.
  • Place the word sticker onto a thin piece of chipboard, trim around sticker, lightly sand the edges for a distressed look and glue into place.

Berry Ornament 91

Here’s a simpler idea.  I love this one too.

I bet your going to start rummaging through that junk drawer in the garage and see what you can find.

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Vintage Treasures

Vintage Treasures 5-2014

I went treasure hunting the other day and around the third stop I finally scored.

I couldn’t believe all the goodies I found.  (all for only $10.50)

Here are a few of the treasures I found. 

  • Red Toile Cup, Saucer and Dinner Plate from England
  • Vintage Sheet Music from 1911
  • McGuffey’s Alternative Reader from 1837
  • Webster’s Notebook that read Waverly Mason Diary dated 1921
  • Vintage Inspired Paris Map with the price tag on the back.

I was a little disappointed when I opened up the Diary and found that it wasn’t

full of juicy gossip.  Instead it is full of pasted old recipe clippings.

Now I can learn how to make Cream of Celery Soup, Chocolate Surprise Pudding,

Christmas Fruit Cake, Mrs. Moody’s Wonder Cake and so much more.

Who knows I might even try one of those recipes one day.

Vintage Sheet Music #1

I picked up the sheet music with the idea of framing them.  (since I don’t have a piano anymore)

I picked up the vintage frame at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago for a quarter.

All I need is a piece of glass and I’m ready to hang.

My son asked as I laid the frame over top the sheet music if I bought them together.

Sometimes things just work out perfectly.

Vintage Sheet Music Jim Jim

When I told my son this was a song about coming back from the war.

He asked me “Vietnam?”    I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  (I shook my head instead)

Ugly Chair Make-Over

Ugly Chair Before

I picked up this ugly green chair last fall at a garage sale for only one dollar.

The man who sold it to me that morning wanted to hurry up and sell it before his wife came home

from taking the kids to school and changed her mind.

To him, it was an ugly chair.  To me, I saw possibilities.

As luck would have it, the very same week-end, I picked up a wonderful length of red and cream

ticking fabric for 50 cents.  It was perfect, it was meant to be.

But…because I just couldn’t cut the lovely fabric just yet,

I left the project in the garage to marinate over the winter.

Beautiful Chair After

I discovered in the process of recovering the chair that it used to have a red velvet seat.  (yuck!)

It was gross.  I took everything off and added new foam before re-covering the seat.

The chair was glued, reinforced and painted with red paint left over from previous projects.

Last night I put the final coat of red paint on the chair.  (red takes a lot of coats)

I just love it.  Now to find the perfect spot.  Maybe my workshop.

Total cost on the project $4.50.  Not to bad of a bargain.  (Pretty resourceful if I say so myself.)

I can’t decide it I should leave it as is or add some kind of stencil design in the middle.  Thoughts?