Etching for Fall

Etching for Fall 054

I picked up this very old bottle at a yard sale…

The story with this bottle is that the guy bought a collection of old medicine bottles from the

early 1900’s that came from the old Bartonville State Mental Hospital.

If your not from around here, rumor is, the old State Hospital is haunted.

I believe the show “Ghost Hunters” did an episode there.

So… that and the fact that it was only $2.00 had me intrigued.

old bottle and etchall 9919

The old bottle was in rough shape.

When I tried removing the cork, it pretty much disintegrated on the spot.

tape bottle and etchall creme 9950 Etched Bottle 9970

To breath new life into the old bottle… 

I masked the top and the bottom of the bottle with removable painters tape and added

a thick coat of etchall® etching crème.  After waiting 15 minutes, I removed the excess etching

crème and put the excess back in the container.  I rinsed the bottle with warm water and let dry.

(make sure to read the instructions on the bottle of etching crème.)

Etched Bottle close up

To give the bottle a little Fall color…

I used an Orange Zest Stazon inkpad and rubbed the ink over the bottle.

The ink only adheres to the etched area.

To finish the look, I added a rub-on decoration to the front of the bottle with

a little raffia and key around the neck.

A new look for a very old bottle.


This project was created for and sponsored by Etchall®.

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