Create a Simple Vase Centerpiece

Washi Tape Vase and Flowers 2

Want to make a great impression but don’t have a lot of time? 

Here’s a quick and easy centerpiece project for your next party or gathering?

Washi Tape and Vase

I put together this simple vase using Washi Tape I received from Little B LLC

and an inexpensive dollar store cylinder vase.

TIP:  I drew a line with a permanent marker halfway down the vase to use as a starting point to keep everything neat and all my lines straight.  Simply wrap the vase with the washi tape.  (it’s that easy)    It only takes a few minutes to create an elegant look.

Washi Tape Vase Close Up

Next…I filled it with fresh flowers cut from my garden.

Or pick up a bouquet at the grocery store.

It would be great centerpiece vase for Weddings, Showers or any special gatherings.

It’s a temporary idea with elegant results. 

Here’s the list of the Little B Decorative Tape Used:

  • 100435 Silver Foil Black Pin Stripe
  • 100562 Gold Foil Hearts
  • 100047 Blk w/Sm Wht Polka Dots
  • 100443 Gold Foil Toile
  • 100344 Black and White Stripe
  • 100011 Damask Black/White
  • 100563 Gold Foil Love

Party like it’s your Birthday

Party like it's your birthday 6158 4

My MUCH OLDER and wiser sister recently turned 60.

Being the sweet little sister that I am… I thought I’d embarrass her with a pair of fun

party glasses.  (since she a bit shy, I’m modeling them instead)

cutting the foam 6113


  • Smoothfoam Sheet
  • Computer Generated Clip Art
  • Craft Knife
  • Acrylic Paint and Paintbrush
  • Mod Podge
  • Glamour Dust
  • Wood Dowel

Here’s how I made the glasses:

  1. Print clip art numbers onto white printer paper and cut them out.
  2. Tape the number together before tracing them onto a Smoothfoam sheet.
  3. Cut numbers out with craft knife.
  4. Paint the numbers a lipstick pink.  (my preference)
  5. After the painted numbers have dried, coat the letters with Mod Podge and sprinkle with glamour dust.glittering the numbers 6130
  6. Decorate the glasses with white paper flowers.
  7. Paint a thin wood dowel with gold paint and insert into glasses as a handle.

60's glasses 6150 2

This project was created and sponsored by Smoothfoam™ The Crafter’s Foam.

Beach Party Dessert

A perfect little Beach Themed Dessert for your Summertime Parties.

Beach Party Dessert

I decided to make this fun little treat for our 4th of July cook-out last Friday night.

I didn’t come up with this cute idea.   I found it online.  (I wish I could give proper credit.)

It’s really fast and easy to make.

  1. Add a few drops of blue food coloring to vanilla pudding for the water.
  2. Crush up vanilla cookies for the sand.
  3. Add a piece of flattened candy for the beach towel.
  4. Place a Teddy Graham sunning on the towel
  5. Add a drink umbrella for shade.

I had the hardest time finding little drink umbrellas.  After trying two stores, I decided

that I’d just make my own.  For my umbrellas, I used a 3″ scalloped circle punch and cut a

notch half way up into the circle.  Just glue the ends together.

For the pole, I used approximately half of a bamboo skewer.