Create a Simple Vase Centerpiece

Washi Tape Vase and Flowers 2

Want to make a great impression but don’t have a lot of time? 

Here’s a quick and easy centerpiece project for your next party or gathering?

Washi Tape and Vase

I put together this simple vase using Washi Tape I received from Little B LLC

and an inexpensive dollar store cylinder vase.

TIP:  I drew a line with a permanent marker halfway down the vase to use as a starting point to keep everything neat and all my lines straight.  Simply wrap the vase with the washi tape.  (it’s that easy)    It only takes a few minutes to create an elegant look.

Washi Tape Vase Close Up

Next…I filled it with fresh flowers cut from my garden.

Or pick up a bouquet at the grocery store.

It would be great centerpiece vase for Weddings, Showers or any special gatherings.

It’s a temporary idea with elegant results. 

Here’s the list of the Little B Decorative Tape Used:

  • 100435 Silver Foil Black Pin Stripe
  • 100562 Gold Foil Hearts
  • 100047 Blk w/Sm Wht Polka Dots
  • 100443 Gold Foil Toile
  • 100344 Black and White Stripe
  • 100011 Damask Black/White
  • 100563 Gold Foil Love

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