Colorful Chalkboard Frame for Kids (or grownups)

Funky Pallet Frame 8798

Since I’m feeling a little creative on this beautiful sunny Sunday…

I decided to finish painting this colorful Rustic Pallet Frame that I started working on yesterday

evening.  As the name suggests, the frame is rustic and somewhat rough.

Because I was planning on stenciling on it…  I sanded the front of the frame to make it smoother.

I wasn’t worried about making it completely smooth.


The Colorful Chalkboard Frame would be a great project to make with the kiddos.

Funky Pallet Frame painted 8792

Directions to make the Colorful Chalkboard Frame:

  1. Sand the front of the frame.
  2. Paint the frame with white acrylic paint.
  3. Paint the top of each pallet section with different acrylic colors.  Sort of a modified rainbow.
  4. Because the stencil had four unique patterns, I decided each color needed its own pattern.
  5. Mask off each section of the wood before stenciling.
  6. Stencil using a stipple brush and white acrylic paint.
  7. Allow to dry completely
  8. To mute to colors:  Lightly sand the frame with a sanding block.  (optional)
  9. For an added sheen:  Apply clear crème wax to front of frame, allow to sit for one hour and buff.
  10. I added a small chalkboard to the inside of the frame.

Funky Pallet Frame Supplies

Supplies Used:


*Thanks to Walnut Hollow and DecoArt for providing the materials used on this frame.

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