Christmas in a Pickle Jar

Christmas in a Pickle Jar 1127

Christmas Crafting with Repurposed and Recycled Items…

Sometimes you have to find and save something for awhile before their purpose is revealed.

Like the base used on my Christmas in a pickle jar.  (the inspiration for this project)

This past summer we had a new ceiling fan installed in my son’s room.

It was flush mounted to the ceiling, so, they didn’t use all of the parts that came with the kit.

I came across the unused parts in the garbage and decided to save them.

FYI…It’s not hoarding if you use them.  (I’m just saying.)

Because I wanted to be informative when writing this post,

I emailed my brother for the correct name of the part.  I am told it is called a canopy.

I glued the canopy onto the jar using Beacon Glass, Metal & More Premium Permanent Glue, 2-Ounce.

Pickle Jar 0985 

Here’s what I used for my Christmas in a Pickle Jar:

FYI:  I purchased the deer, ribbon, trees and mini wreath at Michaels.

Christmas in a Pickle Jar Lid 1008

I painted the pickle jar lid and the old knob with semi gloss black spray paint.

I added a circle cut from a decorative scrapbooking paper and glued it onto my lid before

gluing on the knob.  (I could have added a hole and screwed on the knob, this was easier.)

Christmas in a Pickle Jar Wreath 1098

I spruced up the plain little wreath by adding a new bow and jingle bell and a small holly

berry embellishment.  I added the ribbon to the neck of the jar before gluing on the wreath.

Close Up of Christmas in a Pickle Jar 1081

The little wood deer would of looked fine just as it came.

Instead, I decided to rub brown ink onto the deer to give it a stained look.

I used Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad, Vintage Photo*.    (*affiliate link)

To make installing the deer a little easier, I glued the finished deer onto the front of one

of the trees before I placed it in the jar.

The bottle brush trees come with a little wood base.

I added a super sticky craft glue dot under the base of each tree before adding to my jar.

You can use a liquid glue instead of the sticky glue dots.  (this was just faster and easier for me)

Next, I added Epson Salts into my jar for snow.

A great Holiday Gift Idea.

My “Christmas in a Pickle Jar” is part of a Home & Garden Blog Hop hosted by and 

Home for Christmas

The Holiday Hop consists of 165 Amazing Bloggers for loads of Great Holiday Inspiration.      

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16 thoughts on “Christmas in a Pickle Jar

  1. repurposingjunkie says:

    Sue, this Christmas in a pickle jar is so cute!! I like the details you gave this piece. Beautiful repurpose!! And you’re right it’s not hoarding if you’re going to use it. 😉

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