Polka Dot Peppermint Parfait

A Quick and Easy Etched Glass Project

I picked up some sweet green parfait glasses at a estate sale awhile back.

I’ve been wanting to do something special with them and thought they’d look cute

with some polka dots.  (I mean who doesn’t like polka dots?)

The Polka Dot Parfait glass is a project you can make in under a half hour.

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Here’s what you’ll need:

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etched polka dot parfait with maskEtched Polka Dot Parfait covered with Etching Creme


  1. Measure the width of your parfait glass.  Cut the vinyl to fit around glass.
  2. Using a standard hole punch, punch random holes onto the vinyl to create a polka dot pattern.
  3. Wrap the vinyl around the side of the parfait glass.
  4. Make sure to burnish the vinyl to get out air bubbles and to make sure the all edges all down.
  5. Wrap additional areas around the glass with removable painters tape to protect the area from splatters.
  6. Apply a thick coat of Etchall® etching crème over the polka dots using the squeegee.  (more is better)
  7. Wait 15 minutes.  Scrape excess etching crème from the side of the glass and return extra etching crème back into the bottle. (it’s reusable)
  8. Rinse glass with warm water to clean.
  9. Remove Stencil and dry.
  10. Wash glass thoroughly before using.

For a Light and Festive Holiday Treat try adding crushed Candy Canes to vanilla ice cream. 

  • Place ice cream back into freezer to set up.
  • Don’t forget to save some crushed candy canes to sprinkle on top.

Holiday Diamond Art

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