Stitched Sampler

Stitched Sampler

I hate throwing anything away that might possibly be used on a project later.

In an effort to make room and not become a hoarder,

I actually threw these little scraps of fabric away.   (It was hard, I love these prints.)

But…Only minutes later, while I was making a permanent home for my new sewing machine

that I got for Christmas,  (thanks Nick and Bonnie) I got the idea to make a stitched sampler.

What a great use for little pieces of fabric.

Now, bear in mind that this is my first real project on my new machine.

Stitched Sampler Close Up

I misted the iron-on embroidered letters from Joy SA and the white decorative trim with

Tattered Angels Ruby Slipper Chalkboard Mist Paint and stitched to my hearts desire.

I cut a large die-cut square out of premium gray felt using my Accu-cut machine.

I’m pretty please with the way it turned out.

Stitched Sampler 3584

This project was created for and sponsored by Joy SA.

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