Making Mini Resin Frames

Resin Frame and Magnet 2788

I had this idea that I’d been wanting to try…

to create little dimensional framed artwork using miniature frames filled with resin.

It really is pretty easy to do.  The only hard part for me was waiting for the resin to cure.

They would be great for weddings or parties.

Customize the frames to use for table numbers, centerpieces, desert tables and more.

There’s a lot of possibilities.

Resin Magnet Supplies 916

To Create a Mini Frame…



  1. Remove the backing and glass from frame.
  2. Apply Rose Gold Metallic Lustre or paint of choice onto frame.
  3. Adhere decorative paper onto mat-board.   Cut mat-board to fit frame back and adhere.
  4. Embellish the inside of the frame with computer generated words or small embellishments. Make sure embellishments inside the frame is lower than frame top.
  5. Measure and mix resin following manufacturer’s instructions. Pour mix into frame to cover embellishments. Blow air onto the resin using a thin straw to help remove bubbles. Let dry completely.

Resin Frame 0957

The Mr. & Mrs. and LOVE table frames were featured in Craft Ideas Spring Issue. (page 36)

Make sure to check out Craft Ideas Magazine for Craft Ideas for Every Occasion, Every Skill Level.

Craft Ideas Magazine Spring 2016

This project was created for and sponsored by Craft Ideas Magazine.

*This post uses Amazon Affiliate Links.  I am an Amazon Affiliate.

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