Framed Magnetic Family Memo Board


A decorative alternative to the family refrigerator.

This picture of me with my grandsons is one of my favorite photos.

It’s been hanging around on the fridge for a couple of years now.

I decided to make a Framed Magnetic Memo Board that I can hang on the wall and swap out photo’s

in the magnetic frames when ever I feel like it.


  • I started with an old picture frame with the glass removed.
  • I adhered the Magnetic Craft Sheet from Deflecto using double sided adhesive on the frame backing with the black magnetic side up.
  • Next, I covered the black magnetic sheet with a “thin” piece of plaid scrapbook paper and inserted it back into the frame.  (TIP:  using thin paper is the key to the magnetic sheets sticking together)
  • To make the frames:  Cover magnetic sheets with scrapbook paper. Cut magnetic sheet with craft knife and mat or use a wood die cut frame to cut out the frames.
  • You can also create small word magnets using scrapbook paper and the magnetic craft sheets.


Thin metal dies will not work to cut the magnetic sheets, but it would be a great way to store them!

Deflecto Magnetic Craft Sheets, 8″ x 15″, 3-Pack, White (5901)



“This is a sponsored post. As a member of the Deflecto Design Team I have been provided product in exchange for my creative ideas, views and opinions.”

*This post uses Amazon Affiliate links.  I am an Amazon Affiliate.

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