Two of my Favorite Snowman Projects

Snowball Fight 2

Sharing two of my all time favorite Snowman Projects…

This little guy is perfect for those times when it’s too cold to go outside and play.

Snowball Fight 3249

If you’re not loving the cold…

Here’s a snowball fight you can have while snuggling up inside.

Snowball Fight Supplies

Here’s what’s you’ll need:                                                 (*affiliate link)


  1. Cut the 2″ Smoothfoam ball in half.  Cut the top off the rounded side of one of the balls.
  2. Poke two holes into the bottom of the Snowman body using the craft pick.  Break a toothpick in half, dip ends into craft glue and insert in holes.  Attach the sliced ball onto the Snowman body.
  3. Apply Snow-tex with palette knife over the newly formed Snowman and the 6″ disc.  Allow both to dry fully.
  4. To Create a Snowball Wall… Poke holes into the 1″ balls with the craft pick.  Insert toothpick halves with craft glue on the ends into balls.   Build wall by sticking the balls together.
  5. Apply Snow-tex onto wall using the palette knife.  (Allow to dry.)
  6. Create scene by attaching snowman and wall onto the disc.  Reinforce the pieces with toothpicks and craft glue.
  7. For a shimmery snowy glow…paint all the pieces with Crystal Craft Twinkles paint.  (Allow to fully dry.)
  8. Add shadows to the snowman and snowballs by gently applying vintage photo ink using a stipple brush.
  9. To Create the Snowman Hat… Measure and cut fabric to fit around snowman head.  Fold over and glue one of the long edges of the fabric to create a brim.  Glue fabric ends together to create a tube.  Tie top of the tube with a piece of string, cut excess fabric off top of the tube and fray the ends by making small cuts with the scissors.  Glue to the top of the Snowman head.
  10. Add arms to the Snowman using small twigs.  Warm him up with a fabric scarf and mittens cut from the fabric scraps.
  11. For the Snowman’s Face… Use two small black micro brads inserted into the snowman face for the eyes.  Paint the tip of a bamboo skewer with orange paint, cut and insert into the face for the nose.  Add a smile to the snowman’s face using a extra fine black paint marker.
  12. Make a small snowball using a small pieced of paper wadded up and covered with Snow-tex.  Glue finished and dried snowball onto mitten.

Snowball Fight Close Up 3194

Another one of my Favorite Snowman Projects was titled “How to make a Snowman”.

Smoothfoam Snowman 887

Making a Snowman is pretty easy.  All it takes is a little patience and time.

(and a few ingredients)

snowman parts

Here’s what you’ll need to make a Snowman:                               (*affiliate link)


  1. Cut a small section off the bottom of the 4″ Smoothfoam ball so that it sits flat.
  2. Cut a couple of 3″ sections from the bamboo skewer.  Stick the skewer into the center of the 2″ and 3″ Smoothfoam balls.
  3. Add craft glue to the ends of the skewers before sticking the three balls together to form the snowman base.  (Allow glue to fully dry before continuing to the next step)
  4. Using a palette knife, smooth Snow-tex over Snowman base.  Here’s where the patience comes in… Allow a couple of hours for the Snow-tex to completely dry.
  5. Paint the entire Snowman base with white acrylic paint.  This fills in and helps cover any area missed by the Snow-tex.
  6. For a Frosty Look…paint the Snowman base with Craft Twinkles Glitter Paint.
  7. Cut a thin strip of grey felt and glue around the base of the hat to create a band.  Glue holly embellishment onto band to cover seam.  Glue to the top of the Snowman head.
  8. Cut a strip of gingham fabric and tie around neck.  Cut small slits into the ends of fabric for fringe.
  9. Use two small black brads inserted into the head for the eyes.  Use five micro black brads insert as the mouth.
  10. Cut the pointed end from a bamboo skewer and paint with orange paint.  Stick into head for the nose.

put a stick in it

Here’s a Close up of Mr. Snowman.  Isn’t he Handsome?

Snoman Face

These projects was created for and sponsored by Smoothfoam and also sponsored by DecoArt.

Smoothfoam Snowman Side view

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