Sea Glass Milk Bottle Vase

How to create a Sea Glass Vase…

I love the light and airy look of sea glass.

Inspired by a recent trip to the ocean… I decided to try my hand at making a Sea Glass Vase.

I used these cute Milk Bottles* from LeisureArts*  and Krylon Sea Glass Spray Paint, Aqua*.

The Sea Glass Paint is also available in additional colors.  (love it!)

I contemplated the best way to paint my bottle.  Because I wanted to also paint the bottom of

the bottle,  I came up with the idea of inserting a paint roller handle into the bottle.

While the idea was good in theory, it was hard to rotate the jar evenly when spraying.

(see first at tempt picture below↓)

After the first attempt…  I got a little smarter and wrapped the handle in paper, making a

snugger fit.  (that worked great)  I was able to rotate the bottle using the handle as I sprayed

the bottle with short thin coats of paint to avoid drips.

The more coats applied the less translucent the finish will be.

Once painted, I was able to use the handle to aid in drying.

To go with the Beachy Sea Glass look, I wrapped twine around the neck of the bottle and

added a small seashell I picked up on the beach.          (vase should be hand washed only)

A perfect addition to the dinner table.


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