How to make a Mini Gift Bag out of an Envelope

The Quick and Easy way to make a Mini Gift Bag from an Envelope.

The Envelope Gift Bag is a great way use large envelopes and recycle old ones.

The gift bag was decorated using the Farmhouse Market Collection from Carta Bella.

Supplies Used:          (*affiliate link)

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  • Seal the envelope closed.
  • Cut the end off one side of the envelope.

  • Score the envelope 3/4″ on the remaining three sides of the envelope.  You will need to use medium to firm pressure when scoring to crease through all the layers.  Score on both sides of the envelope.
  • Fold the envelope on each score line.  Use the scoring tool to go over each line to make sure you have a good sharp crease.

  • Put your hand inside of the envelope and gently start opening it up.  Refold the lines as you open it up.   Create gusset folds on the sides of the bag.
  • Once the bag is fully open you will have two pointed flaps sticking out on each end.  Add adhesive to the flaps and adhere to the bottom of the bag.  (you can also add a piece of decorative washi to the bottom of the bag to hold the flaps in place.)

  • Start decorating the bag.
  • Add a decorative strip of washi tape around the bottom of the bag.
  • Add stickers to the front of the bag.  Stickers are a great way to cover up a name when re-using an envelope.

  • Fill the bag with your gift.
  • Fold the top of the bag over and crease.
  • Punch two holes in the top of the bag and add ribbon.

Remember the next time you get a card to carefully open the envelope on the side so

that you can recycle it into a cute little gift bag.

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