Shaving Cream Art

Create Unique One of a Kind Art with Shaving Cream.

Shaving Cream Art is a fun project that the whole family can participate in.

How to Create Shaving Cream Art

Materials Needed:

I use the Deflecto Stackable Caddy Organizer* to hold my ink refills and other crafty supplies.

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Shaving Cream Art can get a little messy so a little prep work is necessary.

  • For easy clean up…Place a piece of wax paper* over a large baking sheet.
  • Add shaving cream onto wax paper.
  • Add several drops of ink onto the shaving cream.

  • Use a craft stick* to swirl the ink into the shaving cream.
  • Do not over stir or the shaving cream will become muddy.

  • Place card-stock directly onto the shaving cream and lightly Smoosh.

  • Carefully lift the card-stock from the shaving cream.

  • Use the scraper tool* to scrape the excess shaving cream from the card-stock.

  • Without re-stirring the shaving cream, you can repeat the process several more times.
  • The first one will be the most vibrant and will get subtly lighter each time.

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Each one will be different and will lighten as they dry.

You can use this process to create even larger pieces of art. 

Shaving Cream Art also makes a great background for card-makers.

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