Easy Photo Transfer Ornament

How to make a Photo Transfer Ornament for your Christmas Tree.

Our sweet little guy, Dexter, is turning one year old tomorrow.

And of course, this will be his very first Christmas.

I thought he needed his very own ornament on the tree.  He is family.

Materials Used:             (*affiliate links)

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  • Very Important… You must use a photocopy made from a dry toner type copier.  (Do not use the actual photograph, trust me, it will not work.)  Try your local office supply store that makes copies.
  • Lay the wood slice over the photocopy and trace around the wood slice.  Cut around the traced lines.

  • Carefully lift the image, making contact only slightly with the image edge. Flip the coated image over and position it over the wood slice.   Lightly press from the center out to release any air bubbles.   Wipe away any excess medium that may have been squeezed out.
  • Allow drying overnight.

  • Wet a sponge with water, squeeze excess water from the sponge then dampen the exposed backside of the image transfer. Immediately as the paper is wet, an image will appear. Allow the wet image to rest a couple of moments to soften the paper.
  •  Using your damp sponge or a fingertip, begin to lightly rub over the damp paper to peel away layers. Be careful not to be rough with the wet paper as it may be fragile. After removing several layers of paper, stop and allow the transferred image to dry. Once dry, white areas will appear where paper remains. Repeat steps to moisten and lightly rub the surface to remove the remaining paper layers. Allow to dry.

A little about Dexter…

We added Dexter to our family on Feb. 12th of this year.  (A slightly impulsive move.)

Dexter is a Shichon Teddy Bear Pup, which is a Bichon Frise, and a Shih Tzu mix.

He is the sweetest, softest, friendliest little dog I’ve ever known.

While Dexter isn’t technically a quarantine puppy, he sure has been a great distraction.

Because of him, I’ve been on more walks (at least once a day), met more neighbors,

and go outside more than ever before.  (He’s been good for us.)

I think more people in the neighborhood knows his name more than mine.

He’s been a great addition to our Family!

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