Wood Snowflake Ornament

Wood Snowflake Ornament

How to make a Wood Snowflake Ornament.

The Wood Snowflake Ornament is such an easy Holiday project to make.  

I picked up the Wood Snowflakes* at Dollar Tree and the 6″ Wood Circles* on Amazon.  

Great Idea for Personalization.  There’s still time to make a few for Christmas Gifts.  

I even made you a short video.  (Enjoy!)

Wood Snowflake Ornament

Materials Used:  (*affiliate links)

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Wood Snowflake Ornament


  • Lightly Sand the Wood Circle with a sanding block to smooth the grain.  Wipe the circle to clean off the dust.
  • Paint with acrylic paint.  To create the ombre background, I started with the darkest shade of paint and continued by adding white paint.
  • Rub the toothbrush into a small amount of white paint.  Flick the bristles of the paintbrush to sprinkle white flecks of paint onto the background of the wood circle.
  • Paint the wood snowflake with white acrylic paint.
  • Paint the wood words with silver acrylic paint.
  • Glue the Snowflake onto the center of the wood circle.
  • Glue the words onto the middle of the snowflakes.
  • Adhere white enamel circles onto the ends of the snowflake tips to cover the holes.
  • Drill a small hole on the top of the circle for hanging.

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