Washington Good Neighbor Days

Good Neighbor Days

Hello Washington Good Neighbor Days…

Forget what I said the other day, “now” it’s officially summer.  (The carnival has come to town.)

One of the things I love about Washington is its Good Neighbor Days.

Rides, Entertainment, Fireworks, Cherry Taco’s…  What’s not to love.

For many, “Good Neighbor Days” has taken on a deeper meaning here in our hometown.

Even a tornado can not squash our Community Pride and Spirit.


Little Trivia:  The Washington Good Neighbor Days Festival started back in the 70’s and kept that

name for over 20 years until it’s change to “Cherry Festival”.  (you know Washington, Cherry Tree)

This year, I think everyone’s happy to see the name changed back to Good Neighbor Days.


This is the year I’m finally going to try a Cherry Taco!


Snowflakes still Hot in May…

The weather’s finally turned warm and I’m still making Snowflakes. 

Snowflake Collage

Want to know why?  Here are just four of the reasons…

  1. Liyah’s Tutu’s
  2. Tutu’s Delicious Delights
  3. Tami’s T’s & Beyond
  4. Dream by Girl Boutique

I make 3″ felt snowflakes that I sell in my Etsy Shop.   (I’ve been making them by the hundreds.)  And… these ladies (and others) have been buying them all up.  I think these dresses are just adorable and I wanted to share them with you.   Makes me wish I had a granddaughter to buy one for.

So…Since I make so many snowflakes I figured I should at least watch the movie.  When I went to the video store I was put on the wait list.  (really?)  I finally watched the movie “Frozen” with my little buddy Nicholas last Saturday.  What a sweet movie.  (now I get it!)

If you have any little girls that are hooked on the movie “Frozen”, you might want to check out these lovely ladies.

Rachael Ray, I am not…

Potato Pancakes 2

Disclaimer:  I am not a “foodie”.

My husband and I have been on a “real mash potato” kick.  (unlike the instant I usually make)

Last night for dinner, Jim volunteered to peel the potatoes.  (Who I am to stop him?)

Anyway…he made enough potatoes to feed at least 6-8 people.

Usually unlike me, I decided to save the left overs.  (I’m so glad I did)

On a whim, I decided to try my hand at potato pancakes.

I have to admit I’ve lived a sheltered life, I have never had Potato Pancakes.

With the first attempt a flop, I decided to add a little flour and bacon bits with a little more grease

to the pan.  I was so excited at how good it looked that I grabbed one of my “pretty” plates.

I topped it off with some shredded cheese, a little sour cream and added a piece of left over ham.

All I can say is “YUM”.  (and… I wish I had a little more left-overs)

Can’t wait to try it again.

Fun little trivia:  When my daughter was little she’d say, “I only eat the kind from the red box”.

Throw Back Thursday: Class of ’79

This time of year it’s Graduation Time.  Time for all those “know it all Seniors” to Graduate.           I remember it like it was yesterday.

Class of 79 Collage

A month or so ago, I received an invitation for my 35th Class Reunion.  Has it really been that long?

My son came up to me while I was looking at my old High School Year book and said to me              “I’m glad I didn’t have to live during that time, everyone looks so weird.”

I said, “What do you mean weird, we weren’t weird.”

I had my signature look, the old man’s vest “borrowed” from the Drama Club Prop closet, my long knotted scarf hanging loose around my neck.  I was cool!  

I remember 1979, rolled up “Chic” jeans, Disco, Bee Jees, Saturday Night Fever (my first “R” rated movie), sleep-overs, Steak and Shake on Main Street, my first plane ride (to Hawaii!!!) and a few other things I probably shouldn’t mention.

Anyway back to my reunion… 

At first, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go.

I was afraid that if I didn’t go I’d regret it, but, not sure how I’d feel if I did go.  All the old insecurities came racing back.  I do not look anything like that freckled face, skinny 100 lb. girl with the long dark hair (and signature look).  But of course, I’m sure no one else looks like they did either.

So… I did what any gal would do, I messaged my girlfriends.

After much discussion and procrastination, It was decided that we’d all meet and drive together.  It was also decided to ditch the hubbys and go stag.  Just like old times.  (Girlfriend code, of course!)

In a few weeks, we’ll meet at the old High School for a tour and then later in the evening we will all meet in the country for our reunion to be held in a barn.  We’ll dance to the music played by an old classmates band and probably have a night we’ll be talking about for years to come.  It’ll be fun seeing the old gang to talk, laugh and catch up.  (and I’m sure we’ll all have an extra pound or two)

I wish I knew where that old vest was, I really should have returned it by now.

A New Month a New Challenge

New Month New CHallenge 2

Now that I’ve got this new easy to use, upgraded website that includes my very own name,

I started looking at ways to increase my following and make the content better.

After reading an article on 10 Steps to becoming a credible & respected blogger, a few things stuck.

The first was to create an editorial calendar.  (I used this Free download from Fancy Pants Designs)

The second thing was to blog daily if possible.  (say what???)

So that became my challenge.

Creating Blog Worthy projects and posts for 31 days?  (why didn’t I do this for 28 days in February?)

At first it was hard coming up with ideas.

After starting with the obvious ones (design team projects and posts), it became a little easier.

I don’t promise that everyday will be long mind boggling, well thought out posts.

But…I will do my very best to fulfill this personal challenge to blog everyday for the month of May.

Who knows, I might just get the hang of this yet.

See you tomorrow.