ADORNit Blog Hop and Giveaway

Have you seen ADORNit’s Art Play Paintables Collection by Lindsay Ostrom?

These papers are a card makers dream.

All these wonderful images without having to buy a ton of stamps.

The papers are perfect for coloring with color pencils, markers or painting

with water colors or inks.

I like to watercolor with my inks and markers and a waterbrush.

If my inks have a flexible lid, I squeeze color into the lid and use that as my palette.

If not, I dab the ink onto a non-porous surface and paint away.

(These cards were created for and sponsored by Adorn It.)

9 thoughts on “ADORNit Blog Hop and Giveaway

  1. sbartist1107 says:

    Sue – I love your hand-colored cards! They are simple and let the images POP. As a stamp-hoarder, I agree with you… no need to store more stamps. I love these Art Play Paintables – all the base work is done and you can just color yourself happy and create cards, mini books and off-the-page whimsies!

  2. carolee McMullin says:

    Thanks for playing with the art play paintables! I really like how you featured how to create this shows how they come as line art then filled with color. It really helps to understand what the artplay is. I reused that very picture on the adornit instagram. Thanks!

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