Quick and Easy Stenciled Holiday Pillows

Stenciled Holiday Pillows 2422

Add a little warmth and coziness to your home with Quick and Easy DIY Holiday pillows.

Today’s pillow projects have a couple of unique twists to make these projects super easy.

Tea Staining Ikea Towel 2248

For the “Believe” pillow I started with a .79 dish towel that I picked up at IKEA.

Tea Staining the Towel

To give my towel a creamy vintage color…  I soaked my towel in a tub of hot tea.

I wanted my towel to stay light so I only left it in a minute or two.

Leave towel in longer for a darker brown color.

Rinse the towel in hot water and then throw in the dryer to set.

Stencil the Towel

  • Iron the towel to make crisp and stencil the towel using the 12″ Word Xmas Tree stencil from Clear Scraps and dark red acrylic paint.
  • Fold the towel in half, stenciled side in, stitched the towel together and fill with a soft stuffing.

Stenciled Holiday Pillows 2316

The Snowflake pillow is a No Sew Pillow.  (I really cheated with this pillow.)

Placemat Supplies 7385

  • I used a plain 14″ x 20″ canvas placemat from Canvas Corp Brands which I stenciled with the Snowflake stencil from Stencil 1 using Tattered Angels Chalkboard Mists.  Make sure to cover and mask any areas that you wouldn’t want sprayed.
  • Glue the ribbon, lace and buttons onto the placemat using Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive, 4-Ounce, tucking ends to backside of the placemat.
  • Glue place mat together and fill with a soft stuffing.
  • No Sewing Required.  (for decorative use only)

stenciled snowflake pillow from a placemat

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