Making More Sock Snowmen

It looks like everyone’s in love with making sock snowman.

They’re really easy to make, with so many ways to add personality

And…I just can’t seem to stop making these cute little guys.

This year, to add to the mix,  I decided to create a Snow family.

Mom, Dad, a couple kids, all made from socks.

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Here’s What You’ll Need:                    (*affiliate Links)

Here’s how I made my Snowman:

  1. Tea dye a new white sock, crew length or bigger.  Or if you have boys you could use one of their dingy ones.  (It’s better not to use a sock with the grey toe and heel.)
  2. Cut the top of the sock off, right around the heel.
  3. Turn the sock inside out and attach a rubber-band tightly around the top of the sock.  Because rubber bands wear out with time, I added a good squirt of Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive* in and around the rubber band.  (I left the rubber band on)
  4. Turn the sock right side out and fill sock about 1/2 way with rice.
  5. Fill the remaining portion of the sock with fiber-fill.
  6. Wrap a piece of twine or string tightly around the top of the sock to close the sock.
  7. Tie a piece of twine about 1/3 down around sock to create the head.
  8. I used mini black buttons for his eyes, the tip of a bamboo skewer colored orange for his nose and a simple sewn black thread for his mouth.  I purchased a small felt hat from JoAnn’s Fabrics for Dad’s hat.  I added a band around the hat using a small folded piece of flannel.
  9.  For the flannel hat… Cut a piece of flannel that will go around the head of the snowman.  Create a band on the hat by adding and gluing a fold on the long end of the flannel.  Glue flannel together to create a “tube”.  Allow to fully dry.  Glue onto snowman.  Tie top of the tube with twine to create hat. Trim if needed.
  10. Dress with Snowman with part of an old sock.  Add a couple of buttons for added detail.  A  fringed piece of fabric works great for the scarf.
  11. For the kids… I used the left over piece of sock from the original snowman to create a smaller version.


And because I’m really into Red Buffalo Plaid again this year…

I made this cute little Snow Couple too.

The Snowmen measure approximately 7 1/2″ .

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