When your favorite cashmere sweater has a hole…

When your favorite Cashmere Sweater has a hole, you make it into something new.

I was pretty bummed when I found out my favorite sweater had a hole in it.

My first instinct was to throw it in the garbage.

After retrieving my sweater from the throw-away pile…

I decided to make it into a super soft pillow instead.

To make the DIY Sweater Pillow I used:                                  (*affiliate link)

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DIY Upcycled Sweater Pillow


  • Turn the sweater inside out. Line up the pillow form with the sweater to determine the best placement to hide the holes.
  • For my sweater, since the holes were on one side…I decided to sew the bottom of the sweater together first and insert the pillow to determine how much I needed to cut off the other side.
  • Cut the sweater slightly larger than the pillow form.
  • Remove pillow form and sew the second side together.

  • To Personalize my pillow, Turn the sweater back to the right sides and iron the Joy Iron-On Embroidered Letters. Cover letters with a clean, soft cloth and iron the letters for 30 seconds. Turn sweater pillow cover inside out, cover with cloth and iron for an additional 30 seconds. Allow the letters to cool before finishing the pillow.  

  • Because there is a lot of give with the sweater material.  I was able to sew the 4th side halfway and stuff the pillow form inside.  I hand stitched the pillow closed.

  • To dress up the pillow…I created a sash to go around the pillow by sewing together flannel scraps.

  • Secure the sash around the pillow using a couple of big black buttons.

The pillow is perfect for marking my spot on my favorite comfy chair.

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