DIY Wedding Projects Day 2: Love Frame

Offray Wedding Frame 2056

 Make a special frame for a wedding day gift or another special event.

This DIY frame has a soft, shabby chic feel that is perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

Supplies Needed

Wedding Love Frame Directions:

  1. Paint the Plain Wooden Frame with Antique White acrylic paint. Once the frame is dry, lightly sand the edges of the frame to give a distressed look.
  2. Spray paint chipboard letters with Cream Spray paint.
  3. Adhere chipboard letters to the frame with Fabri Tac Glue.
  4. Cut approx. 18” of Gazette Raw Silk Ribbon. With the needle and thread with long tail, make a simple running stitch down one side of the ribbon. Ribbon Flower Assembly 2123
  5. Gather ribbon together with thread and tie in the center to form the ribbon rosette.
  6. Create a second ribbon rosette using 12” of 7/8” Antique White Double Faced Satin Ribbon.
  7. Glue Antique White rosette onto the center of the Raw Silk rosette.
  8. Glue Dazzle Radiance Pin onto the center of both flowers.
  9. Wrap 25” piece of Gazette Raw Silk Ribbon around the frame, meeting the two ends near the top of the frame. Glue ends to the frame.
  10. Glue Flower onto ribbon cover the two ends of the wrapped ribbon.
  11. Adhere Design Chain Tracy-Silver down center of the ribbon and underneath the flower.  Glue Gleaming Leaves Dazzle onto frame.

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