DIY Wedding Projects Day #3: Wedding Votive

DIY Wedding Votive

Make a statement with Soft and Elegant candle lights on each table. 

This frosted votive will make quite the impact and will fit with several types of wedding décor.

It’s super quick and easy to make.

Tip…Pair with the DIY Vase Table Maker from Day #1

DIY Wedding Votive Supplies Needed:                                       (*Affiliate Link)

Time Needed for Completion: 1 hour plus drying time

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wedding votive applying glue

  • Generously apply Tacky Glue around the side of the jar. Do not put glue on the top neck or bottom of jar.

Wedding Votive Applying Epson Salt

  •   Cover jar with Epson Salt. Allow to dry.

Directions for decorating the votive:

  1. Thread two Blingella Beads onto a length of Quasar ribbon. Tie ribbon around neck of the jar with a knot. Trim and knot ends of Quasar ribbon to hold the beads in place. A little bit of glue on the ends of each knot will add extra security to the beads.
  2. Tie Pierre Ivory Ribbon around the neck of the jar with a knot. Trim ends.
  3. Cut approx. 12” of Antique White Satin ribbon.
  4. With the needle and thread with long tail, make a simple running stitch down one side of the ribbon.  (*see basic flower assembly picture)
  5. Gather ribbon together with thread and tie in the center to form the ribbon rosette.
  6. Glue gem to center of ribbon flower and glue finished flower onto the knot of the Pierre Ribbon.
  7. Glue gleaming leaf behind flower.
  8. Add Tea Light Candle.

Basic Flower Assembly from Wedding Frame (Day #2)

Make sure to check all the 5 days of the DIY Wedding Projects.

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