A Mother’s Day Plate for Mom.

A Mother's Day Plate for Mom

A quick and easy Mother’s Day project with StyleTechCraft Adhesive Vinyl.

Remember when we were in grade school, and we painted clay pots for Mother’s Day?

Mom always said the best gifts were from the heart.

So, this year, show Mom just how much you love her with an upgraded handmade gift.

Quick and Easy Mother's Day Plate for Mom-Sue's Creative Workshop www.sueeldred.com 3181

This project can be made by anyone with an electronic die-cutting machine.  

I picked up the red plate at Dollar Tree* to match my kitchen.  (This one’s for me.)

With the vinyl supplies that I already had on hand, I’ve invested $1.25 so far.

Here’s what I used: 

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Mother's Day Plate for Mom

  • To begin, wipe the surface of the plate with the alcohol to remove any oils.

Mother's Day Plate for Mom

StyletechCraft products brought to you by ATSM Craft*

Mother's Day Plate for Mom

Check out this New Weeding Tool From StyleTechCraft*.

It looks like a retractable pencil, but with a nice pointy end.

It is so easy to use.  A real game changer when it comes to weeding vinyl.

Mother's Day Plate for Mom

  • Lay the transfer paper over the vinyl image.
  • Rub over the transfer paper with a vinyl scraper tool.
  • Remove vinyl from the white backing.

Mother's Day Plate for Mom

  • Use StyleTechCraft Vinyl Transfer Tape* to adhere the vinyl onto the front of the plate.
  • Gently rub the transfer paper and remove it from the plate.
  • It is best to Hand Wash Plate Only.

Mother's Day Plate for Mom

A last minute, quick and easy Mother’s Day Plate for Mom.

If you’re that overachiever kid, you can add a plate hanger or stand.

“This is a sponsored post.  As a member of the StyleTechCraft Design Team I have been provided product and compensation in exchange for my creative ideas.  The views and opinions are my own.

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