How to make a Patriotic Red, White and Blue Etched Wine Bottle

Celebrate the holidays with a Red, White and Blue Etched Wine Bottle.

I’m getting ready for a Americana Crafternoon this week-end with a fun group of ladies

and thought I’d make up a few decorations.  As luck would have it, I just happened to

have an empty blue wine bottle.   I thought to myself, that would make a perfect vase.

I added red flowers to a 50 cent Garage Sale-Flag Basket and now I have a festive display.

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To make the Red, White and Blue Etched Wine Bottle I used…             (*amazon affiliate links)


  1.  Clean and remove the label off a blue glass wine bottle with warm soapy water.  (Dry)


2.  Mask off a 2 ½ to 3 inch section on the center of the wine bottle with blue painter’s tape.  Burnish the edges of the tape with your fingertip, the tape should lay flat against the bottle.

3.  Punch stars out of the etchall etchmask* Remove backing from the stars and stick randomly on the bottle.  Burnish the stars with your fingertips onto the bottle.

4.  Apply a heavy coat of etchall Etching Crème*   onto the bottle using the squeegee.

5.  Let crème sit for 15 minutes.  (You will need to keep an eye on the bottle to make sure etching crème doesn’t run past the blue painter’s tape.)  Scrape excess etching crème from the bottle and return the extra etching crème back into the bottle. It’s reusable.

6.  Rinse bottle with warm water to clean.  Remember to keep crème away from porcelain or ceramic tiles.  Remove tape and stars and dry.  The bottle will have a nice subtle etching.

7.  While I liked the subtle look… I decided I wanted something a little bit brighter for my patriotic bottle.   I dried brushed white acrylic paint over the etched surface.  Wipe off excess paint with a damp cloth for a white washed look.  The paint only sticks to the etched surface.  (How cool it that.)  It really makes the stars pop.

8.  Re-mask the bottle with the blue painter’s tape, this time covering the etched surface.  Paint the bottom of the bottle with the colonial red spray paint.

10.  Mask a small section on the top of the bottle and spray with gold spray paint.

11.  Cut a small black vinyl rectangle and round two of the corners with the corner punch.

12.  Stencil the word “welcome” from the family words stencil onto the black vinyl using a stencil brush and the multi-surface acrylic paint.

13.  Use the gold paint pen to add a thin border around the black vinyl tag.  Punch a small hole on the top of the tag and tie onto the neck of the bottle with ribbon.

Enjoy the party with friends.  (maybe even empty another blue wine bottle)


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