DIY…”Merry” Canvas


Make the holidays “Merry” with this mini decorated canvas.

Create frosty, glittery goodness with this fun mini canvas project.


To make the Merry Canvas you’ll need:                                      *affiliate link



  • Paint the canvas with Red Scarlet Paint and let dry.
  • Paint the red canvas with a thick coat of crackle glaze.  The thicker the coat the deeper the cracks.  Allow plenty of time for the glaze to dry.


  • Lightly white wash the canvas to bring out the crackling.
  • Wipe excess paint off with a clean cloth.


  • Paint each letter with glitter glue and sprinkle with white glitter.
  • Glue letters onto the canvas with craft glue.  (leave space on the left of the canvas for embellishing)


  • Wrap twine around canvas and embellish with jingle bells, greenery and bow.


***This project was created for and sponsored by Joy SA and Deco Arts

This post includes Amazon Affiliate Links.  If you choose to make a purchase from Amazon using one of these links, I receive a small commission that helps offset the cost of running this blog.

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